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Sep 26, 2011 - Dec 19, 2011




Drama / Sci-fi




Jim - Jason O'MaraNathaniel - Stephen LangElisabeth - Shelley ConnJosh - Landon LiboironMaddy - Naomi ScottSkye - Allison MillerGuzman - Mido HamadaZoe - Alana MansourMira - Christine Adams

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A sci-fi drama depicting a time when all life on Earth is on the brink of extinction.

The year is 2149, and it is a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction. In an attempt to save the human race, scientists create a portal that allows people to time travel back 85 million years.

Groups of settlers travel across this 'temporal doorway' to a place called 'Terra Nova', which is the first human colony on the other side. However, unbeknownst to the settlers is the fact that their colony is in the midst of carnivorous dinosaurs.

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05/22/13 at 03:44pm

Enough with taking good shows off. Just don't understand leaving the disgusting, cheap reality shows on TV. Please start cancelling these shows and leave the good shows on TV so we all will have something to watch.
Lisa Prall
05/18/13 at 09:26pm

I love sci-fi and this was a great story line! Love love loved it!!!
Karl Barnes
05/12/13 at 02:10am

This show had everything. Why can they not see good shows when its right in front of their faces? Or is it this stupid viewers fault? They want stupid, sexy, violent and morally degrading filth; aka Jersey Shores or that other one that is just as stupid Jerseylisous i do not know how to spell it because i do not watch it. i rather take dry ice and put my tongue on it then watch those shows. Dinosaurs are great, and having to leave home to the alternet past was great.
05/03/13 at 05:18pm

you axe this but keep falling skies really next youll axe walking dead seems to me its allways the best like futurama mr meaty good shows get the axe
03/28/13 at 07:03pm

finally a show with real imagination and they axe it because the set got wiped out
Why not just write that into the story line ???
Natural disastewrs happened in prehistoric times too !!!
It would have made it even more interesting if their technology was wiped out and their safety fences too
03/20/13 at 12:05pm

the person that made the decision to cancel this show should be fire!!! this was one great show. some other network should pick it up.
02/20/13 at 00:05am

Canceled? Really? Who was the idiot with the bright idea. This was a GREAT show and look what they did, I don't know if I'll watch Fox as much as I did before. Plenty of other chanels to watch.
02/16/13 at 09:29am

Sorry folks but the fox network probably wont bring a good show like Terra Nova back, due to the terrably expensive props and sets. It was a really good show. I agree with steven dated 12-29-12..
02/15/13 at 03:21am

I could not have thought of a better premise, sci fi with dinosaurs, villains and family drama, all headed up by a cast starring Stephen Lang of Avatar, in a real sense it had all the components of a great series....and these jerks cancelled it.
12/29/12 at 04:08pm

Terra Nova represented a "clean slate" where anything and everything is/was possible in terms of story lines and plots and cast. It also strongly promoted the family and family values, morality, honesty. A very creative and novel show that even with high ratings was cancelled. It was profitable as the but not nearly as profitable as the mindless immoral reality shows that are proliferating.
It is truly sad but the networks are moving to mostly reality shows. The bean counters love them: Minimalist budgets -- amateur participants (no actors $), no script necessary (no writers $), minimalist sets if any, no graphics (no special effects $), and no real content - just idiotic blather and over-hyped nonsense. Reality shows do not reflect anything in the real world except greed, dishonesty, contempt for rules, contempt for fellow human beings (It's only about ME) -- in short the shows promote the worst immoral and/or disgusting behavior possible -- everything that is wrong with this world. If they could get by with explicit sex and/or murder on TV, they would show that too - they often skirt very close to explicit sexual content.

These reality are very extremely LOW cost with absolutely no redeeming social or moral value.

It likely costs more for the continuous torrent of over-hyped commercials than it does for the actual filming of the shows themselves. Commercials need scripts (writers), graphics (special effects), directors and paid performers (actors???). Lots of costs in those ads.

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