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Apr 03, 2011 - Aug 01, 2014




Drama / Crime




Sarah - Mireille EnosDarren - Billy CampbellStephen - Joel KinnamanMitch - Michelle ForbesStanley - Brent SextonGwen - Kristin LehmanJamie - Eric Ladin

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A crime drama focused on the events following the murder of a young girl in Seattle.

The Killing follows various aspects of the aftermath of a murder in Seattle, Washington. The police investigation, the grieving family, and the suspects are all looked at.

Each episode of the series represents one day of the investigation into the murder of Rosie Larsen.

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09/25/12 at 12:03pm

This version sucked! I really liked the Scandinavian version better than this thing
07/14/12 at 07:54am

I am also hoping that they renew The Killing for a third season. I too wonder about Mary, Rosie's friend at the casino. I wish they would let us know soon.
07/03/12 at 12:19pm

Great show, and I would like to see it continue, but something they got very wrong in that last episode. Seatac, is a city 15 miles south of Seattle, and has their own police department, contracted through the Sheriff. They wouldn't request SPD Homicide for a scene, they have their own Detectives. Also, I wish they would use actual Seattle locales for their locations instead just for the aerial shots, cause looking at VanBC as Seattle is like looking at San Francisco as Los Angeles.
06/19/12 at 10:30pm

So is the show coming back next year? The last episode showed Linden and Holder in a car together being called to a new murder case-but then she gets out of the car and he goes off by himself. If there IS an upcoming season I know it can't still be all about Rosie's murder, but I would like to see to see chief Jackson, Ames, and the guy that planted the fake bridge picture pay for their involvement I think they got off too easy.
If the show does come back,maybe Richmond got their charges dropped--but he has something up his sleeve for them next season. Politicians have to shake hands and work with people they don't like all of the time but come on, those people helped put him in a wheelchair he has to get them somehow even if they don't do jail time.

Also I was thinking what happened to the teen girl that worked with Rosie at the casino? She had already helped Linden and was supposed to help again one night but never showed up. Maybe that was her body at the scene they were being called to in the end? Don't forget she did go against the evil chief to help them.
Whatever happens, I hope there is a season 3!
06/19/12 at 10:07am

At the end of the last episode Holder and Linden were sitting in the car and got a call about a body found at Sea-Tac (eluding to the fact that there is a new case for them) and they were next up on the list to receive a case. So I really hope they bring this show back. As frustrating as it was to have the Rosie case last 2 seasons (I personally think they should solve a case by the end of the season and start a new case the next season) I can't wait to see what story lies ahead.
06/03/12 at 07:47pm

I really want to know if The Killing is renewed for season 3. Love this show!!
05/28/12 at 11:11am

Heard on previews for next week that there are only 3 episodes left before we find out who murdered Rosie (end of season 2). Do we know if there will be a season 3? If so, will there be another murder?
05/22/12 at 08:23am

When do we find out it's cancelled?
03/28/12 at 11:22am

when is this show coming on the air again. I love it.
03/05/12 at 11:47pm

Great show! AMC is really picking up some great shows. Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Killing. I hope they keep up the good work!

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