The Killing

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Apr 03, 2011 - Aug 01, 2014




Drama / Crime




Sarah - Mireille EnosDarren - Billy CampbellStephen - Joel KinnamanMitch - Michelle ForbesStanley - Brent SextonGwen - Kristin LehmanJamie - Eric Ladin

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A crime drama focused on the events following the murder of a young girl in Seattle.

The Killing follows various aspects of the aftermath of a murder in Seattle, Washington. The police investigation, the grieving family, and the suspects are all looked at.

Each episode of the series represents one day of the investigation into the murder of Rosie Larsen.

Comments (23)

10/31/17 at 07:28pm

They need to Bring The Killing Back in a reunion series like they did for the x files
06/20/14 at 09:04pm

This show is to advanced for Americans. That's why it keeps getting canned.
julia n jeff p
05/28/14 at 11:39am

Please Bring Back AWESOME SERIES
01/05/14 at 10:42pm

Please bring this show back!!!!!!! Was my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The characters were awesome and really believable.....
11/18/13 at 11:20pm

I don't know if a show has ever been cancelled twice and still come back but thank you Netflix. The Killing is a very underrated show and deserves it's as many lives as it gets.
09/10/13 at 07:08pm

The Killing has been Cancelled :( No season 4 :(
01/07/13 at 08:37am

Uh, what? I know exactly who killed Rosie after the last episode. This also needs to be removed from the cancelled list since Season 3 starts in May :) Sometimes there is life after death :)
12/09/12 at 06:51pm

I loved this show and upset that it came to an end.
10/21/12 at 02:05pm

This was a fantastic series. So sad that it was cancelled.
10/18/12 at 09:17am

In reference to Mathew's comments about filming in Vancouver, instead of Seattle: Back in the '70's when Seattle desperately needed Hollywood to include it in their city selections for new films, they did everything possible to bring the cameras to the city's streets. Hollywood listened and they showed up, in droves. So much, Seattle got cocky and began to raise the "rental" prices for the city then slowly taxed the film companies out of the state. So, Vancouver, which looks a lot like Seattle, was substituted. As far as The Killing is concerned, in my opinion, it was a very suspenseful series which I enjoyed immensely. Kept me on the edge of my sofa seat. However, we were promised an answer to who killed Rosie in the final episode. That never happened. To quote a New York newspaper from the 1930's, referring to the Yankees losing the World Series, "We was robbed!"

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