The Lying Game

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Aug 15, 2011 - Mar 12, 2013








Emma/Sutton - Alexandra ChandoLaurel - Allie GoninoTed - Andy BuckleyKristin - Helen SlaterCharlotte - Kirsten ProutMadeline - Alice GreczynEthan - Blair Redford

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A drama following a foster kid who assumes the life of her newly found twin sister.

Emma is a foster kid with a kind heart. So kind, that when she comes to find out she has an identical twin sister, she agrees to assume her place while her sister looks for her birth mother.

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curtis walline
05/08/18 at 04:17pm

I want the lying game to come back for season three! I like it so much I want to see ted and Kristen and twins and laurel as femily
10/07/17 at 06:24pm

Please bring back the lying game I love it so much
11/26/14 at 07:05am

I love the lying game and the fosters specially the foster please come back for another season the foster inspires me to never give up its ok to break down but never give up these shows give me courage to move on day by day!!!!!! Come back !!!!!
08/11/14 at 00:56am

It is unfair that the other shows that suck on TV gets to be shown many times
08/11/14 at 00:52am

I watch the lying game on Netflix and I think it is stupid for leaving a show with no ending also and not solving the mystery either who is out to get Emma and her twin sister also
05/20/14 at 02:25pm

At least give the show 10 or 5 more episodes to explain. You cant just end a show abruptly that kills the audience. TV Networks these days just cancel shows. Give TV shows a chance. And why go by the number of rating when people watch the shows different ways.
03/28/14 at 04:52am

I really wanted to know if fair was the killer that his father was so sad that I will never find out
03/26/14 at 07:52pm

Bring the show back please we want to see it again
Carolyn Gailey
02/24/14 at 05:57pm

When they cancel shows they could at least end them instead of leaving them with no ending.If you want a show cancelled just let me know and I will watch it and it will get cancelled.
02/19/14 at 10:39am

Lmfaoo it was getting confusing anyways , chill and do something with y'all lives

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