The Playboy Club

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Sep 19, 2011 - Oct 03, 2011








Nick - Eddie CibrianMaureen - Amber HeardCarol-Lynne - Laura BenantiBrenda - Naturi NaughtonAlice - Leah ReneeJanie - Jenna DewanBilly - David KrumholtzMax - Wes Ramsey

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A drama focused on the Bunnies who work at Chicago's legendary Playboy Club in the 1960s.

Step inside The Playboy Club, a seductive world of beauty and service, where one can rub shoulders with infamous mobsters, politicos and entertainers of the 1960s.

But with all these larger-than-life ambitions come even greater problems for the Bunnies who work at the club. Whether it's covering up an accidental murder, hiding an explosive personal life, or running from a dangerous past, it seems everyone has a secret.

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10/30/11 at 09:27pm

I was one of the many people saying this show would be degrading to women before it came on, but from the first episode I saw that I was wrong. I think the show didn't get a fair shake because of the name and the seedy image it evoked. I thought it was just going to be a lot of cheap shots of the ladies in their bunny suits bending over. IT WAS NOT THAT AT ALL! It was well written and saucy with some interesting plot twist I really wanted to see resolved. If only they had given it another name.
10/25/11 at 09:16pm

Like someone else said... Many people didn't even know the show was on! I had just told my friend to start watching it the week the last show aired! I am so sad they only got 3 episodes! Not a real chance at all. I know some people said it was degrading to women lol! Omg get serious! Bubble gum commercials are more degrading & way more sexual! Actually I honestly don't see how the show was degrading! The show had great writers and the plot was fabulous. I was honestly hooked from the first show. I miss this show already and I hope it gets picked up by another network!
10/20/11 at 09:40am

I really liked the show! I cannot believe they didn't give it more of a chance to succeed. I mean only 3 episodes? Some people didn't even know it was on!
10/15/11 at 06:38pm

Shocked that this (the best new show of the season, in my opinion) on wasn't given a chance-it was an awesome show.
10/15/11 at 08:57am

I enjoyed the show and thought it was very well written. I hope it wasn't because of the controversy of where it was. It was very tame in relation to some of the other shows currently on TV. I hope it gets picked up by another network.
10/14/11 at 04:19pm

Very upset that the Playboy Club was canceled. I though the plot was great and it was showing some true issues that were relevant to that time period. I agree his voice and even look is very similar to Don Draper, but there is nothing wrong with that because I love me some Don Draper. ;-)
10/12/11 at 06:07am

They needed to give this show more time! The characters and plot were unfolding and we really enjoyed the period show. Bummer
10/06/11 at 03:59am

I'm disappointed I thought it was shaping up to be a great show. My wife and I both thought it was the best new show of the year.
09/29/11 at 02:37pm

I quite like this show, but does anyone else think that Eddie Cibrian is a take off of John Hamm's Mad Men character? I think he even sounds like him at times. I prefer this show to the much hyped Pan Am which I thought was a little slow.

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