1600 Penn

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Dec 17, 2012 - Mar 28, 2013








Skip - Josh GadEmily - Jenna ElfmanBecca - Martha MacIsaacMarshall - Andre HollandMarigold - Amara MillerXander - Benjamin StockhamThe President - Bill Pullman

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A comedy following a dysfunctional family living in the White House.

The Gilchrists are a typical American family with everyday issues one would expect. They're loving, fun, and a little crazy. But there is one exception... they are the First Family and live in The White House. And there's never a dull moment!

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05/11/13 at 06:05am

Thank GOD its gone! Just having this on the air lowered the national IQ level by 10 points. Take that fat guy out and throw him under a bus, quick before some other moronic network gives him another part..
05/10/13 at 10:05pm

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05/10/13 at 08:00pm

I agree with other's don't cancel this witty & well written show. Or, producer's put it on Cable you can get even grittier! All the good shows are cancelled masses just want to watch 'The Bachelor'? Say what?
04/26/13 at 06:41am

This is one of the funniest shows in TV right now. I hope it doesn't get cancelled. I will be disappointed if it doesn't get at least a second Chance. It might do better on a different network.
04/24/13 at 05:20pm

Love this show!!! 1600 has been the highlight of my week....so funny and heartwarming! Really deserves another chance!!!!
Margaret S
04/23/13 at 11:22am

I LOVE this show! Dynamics are what makes a good sitcom and this show has it all. If NBC cancels 1600 Penn, they will be making a huge mistake. After you get to know the characters, you are hooked. Even my husband likes it and he is not one for sitcoms. Please keep this show!
Michelle T
04/21/13 at 07:59pm

Please don't cancel this show. It's one of the few family shows on tv that our whole family can enjoy. And it's hilarious. Josh Gad has created one of the funniest and most original and characters in a long, long time. Some shows need time to gather the audience they deserve and this is one of them.
04/20/13 at 07:15pm

Love Love Love! The comedic timing and under-the-breath comments are perfect! Josh Gad and his granola bar in the drawer of the President's desk was great! The music played in the pilot with the unexpected chair tossed out the window reached great comedic heights. I am keeping my fingers crossed this show returns! I watch it over and over.
04/20/13 at 12:27pm

Great show! Don't cancel this witty comedy!
04/19/13 at 09:55pm

My new favorite show. Better than the office! I hope it lasts as long. Please don't cancel!

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