1600 Penn

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Dec 17, 2012 - Mar 28, 2013








Skip - Josh GadEmily - Jenna ElfmanBecca - Martha MacIsaacMarshall - Andre HollandMarigold - Amara MillerXander - Benjamin StockhamThe President - Bill Pullman

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A comedy following a dysfunctional family living in the White House.

The Gilchrists are a typical American family with everyday issues one would expect. They're loving, fun, and a little crazy. But there is one exception... they are the First Family and live in The White House. And there's never a dull moment!

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04/18/13 at 04:45pm

Josh Gad is hysterical, and he's the only reason why this show is remotely watchable. He needs a better vehicle for his talents. 1600 Penn is a good concept but it needs better writing. I guess I'm just glad that it's decidedly apolitical.
04/18/13 at 04:44pm

We LOVE this show...please bring it back!!!
04/17/13 at 06:03am

Please NBC do not cancell 1600 Penn! It's a great show. I'm so tired of seeing shows I love being cancelled...Give it a chance! It's on one week, the next something else in it's place...you never know when these shows will be shown...too many gaps! It's a wonderful show and my friends and coworkers also love it.
04/15/13 at 08:51am

I really like this show and would LOVE to see it renewed! I think Josh Gad is hilarious and really hope they continue after they left the first season off the way they did
04/10/13 at 06:39pm

Love this show. my Daughters and I look forward to it every Thrusday. Please don't cancel this one. Maybe you can get rid of those that bring horror into our house instead of removing a loving family that accepts each other for who they are. Great new show.
Simon S
04/10/13 at 06:10pm

This show has really grown on me. If the idiots at NBC cancel "1600 Penn" I hope some other network picks it up. You know, like JAG, which only aired for 10 seasons and then spun off NCIS which spun off NCIS L.A., which is also spinning off another show. NBC, where great ideas, like Star Trek, begin and then go on to benefit other networks.
04/08/13 at 06:33pm

Please don't cancel. It's the only NBC show I seek out anymore.
04/08/13 at 05:16pm

This show is hysterical! NBC.MUST.RENEW!!!
04/07/13 at 11:51pm

skip is retarded and dale is slightly smarter
stupid show with stupid characters
04/06/13 at 09:31am

I love this show!!! I'll be honest, it did take a few episodes to really get into it but it is funny and not ridiculous and so far fetched like other comedies. I think NBC has finally nailed a sitcom and hopefully they will keep it around for a few more seasons!! Don't cancel it NBC!!!

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