Amish Mafia

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Dec 12, 2012 - Mar 31, 2015






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A reality series following a group of men protecting the Amish community in Pennsylvania.

Although its existence is denied, this reality series takes a look into the sordid subculture of the Amish community known as the Amish Mafia. A gang of Amish men lay in the shadows of the community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dealing in matters of law, banking, and disputes before they are taken to the church.

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02/19/20 at 08:36am

best scripted show ever!
03/05/16 at 08:00pm

This show was pathetic and ridiculous.
08/18/15 at 04:10pm

I liked this show, Levi was so awesome to hate and love, Merlin was just so funny, his character is so larger than life, but his body is so small and frail. Esther, I just don't know about her. And Caleb is just a cutie pie. But all in all, it did give the "REAL" Amish community a bad reputation and negativity towards the English. But was pretty cool to watch how the other half supposedly live!!
Gary W
01/09/15 at 07:13pm

Forgot about this obviously scripted..nice try but the 15 minutes is over....horrid characters..gotta love the Amish tony soprano Levi..the little scrawny hardass mma fighter is a joke..biggest shit talking douche. Thinking about taking the 1 hr drive from my house to see if the clowns are really in Amish country and are even shit like this gets made is mind numbing..thinking of Buford T.Justice's saying...What in the hell is the world coming to
09/27/14 at 06:11am

Do you people realize if you don't like a show you don't have to turn it on.
04/24/14 at 08:45pm

Please. No more scripted "reality" shows. Whoever suggested a show like this needs to be blacklisted by Hollywood. This show is offensive to the Amish, and anyone who possesses sentient thought. Just stop.
04/08/14 at 08:07pm

Ok... So is this show going to end? I feel sorry for the Amish. If they ask the crew to stop filming - stop filming! I hope this is the last season. They (the cast) exploited the Amish in a negative light. I feel it's so fake. Discovery Channel let this show go!

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