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Feb 12, 2012 - Apr 08, 2018








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A reality series following the happenings at a New Jersey comic shop owned by Kevin Smith.

Filmmaker, director, actor and comic book fanboy Kevin Smith owns comic shop "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" in Red Bank, NJ.

Cameras capture the daily banter of the store's staff and its customers as they discuss all aspects of pop culture artifacts and iconic celebrities from the fanboy world.

Memorabilia is bought and sold, and adventures are had away from the store, all of which is shared by the men of The Stash with Kevin via their podcast, which is woven throughout the show's episodes.

Comments (5)

01/29/20 at 11:29pm

This is a shame who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of comic book geek’s and an idiot director who doesn’t know how to change shirts talk about comic books? Hockey jerseys make you look cool! Brutally funny Hollywood reviews.
Troy simmons
02/22/19 at 12:05pm

wow..i always looked forward to this show
Mike dobey
01/12/19 at 02:37pm

This show could easily be brought back, it is not expensive to make. maybe amazon prime would be jnterested. 7 eps a season, or 6 ?
07/18/18 at 07:28pm

AMC screwed Kevin Smith from having 100 episodes of Comic Book Men. The show was four episodes short from reaching 100 episodes made. AMC SUCKS!
06/25/18 at 01:14pm

Read from Kevin Smiths Insta that Comic Book Men has been canceled

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