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Mar 04, 2012 - May 06, 2012




Comedy / Drama




Amanda - Leslie BibbGigi - Annie PottsCarlene - Kristin ChenowethSharon - Jennifer AspenHeather - Marisol NicholsCricket - Miriam ShorRipp - David James ElliottBlake - Mark DeklinZack - Brad Beyer

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A dramedy following a former high school "queen bee" who returns to Dallas in hopes of a fresh start.

Amanda was one of the popular mean girls in high school back in Plano, Texas. Now broke and a recently widowed mother of two, the former queen bee returns to her hometown suburb of Dallas looking for a fresh start - but finds out it may not be as easy as it seems.

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06/07/13 at 01:26pm

I agree with everybody on here,, BRING IT BACK!! grow a back bone! This was a great, clean show, like many others it made me go back to church, reminding me you don't have to be a stick in the mud to be a good Christian, I've been looking forward to this show,, everything is cancelled I went from dvr'n 84 shows a year in the last 2 yrs to now about maybe 20 for the whole year, there is nothing left to watch anymore!!! Reality shows SUCK, we watch tv to escape reality. Abc has cancelled everything worth watching now all I have is Netflix, and blockbuster, abc is making itself obsolete
05/13/13 at 06:39am

Can't believe this great show isn't coming back! I was in mourning over Brothers and Sisters and swore I wasn't going to watch TV on Sunday nights anymore. Then GCB came and made me laugh. I love the cast! Love the show! Can't believe you cancelled!
05/01/13 at 07:39am

They should really bring this back! Amazing show
04/07/13 at 00:12am

This show was hysterical. They made a HUGE mistake.
Noire Panthera
04/01/13 at 00:17am

Omg, give the shows a damn chance to get established. I loved this show. What are you networks thinking cancelling these good shows and leaving all the ridiculous reality crap on?
03/05/13 at 02:16pm

Please bring the show back, it was the only thing to watch on sunday!!!
02/21/13 at 10:38am

I was looking forward to a new season of GCB. The cast was great and the language and acting was never trashy...........maybe that is the problem. Bring it back, please. I should have kept the episodes I had on my dvr, they were so funny and enlightening.
01/23/13 at 08:00pm

Just checked to see when my shows will be premiering and found out that the show I've been waiting on more than any other has been CANCELLED. I agree with other people who have commented, "what is wrong with YOU PEOPLE?" I am a Christian and I didn't see why the show deserved to be cancelled. I believe that you allowed a group of hypocrites to bully you. This show was so funny; sure, there may have been a little truth to it and I think that is why you were bullied to remove it! BRING IT BACK!
01/13/13 at 08:45pm

Sunday night T.V is DEAD... First Desperate Housewives, and Now GCB.. Come ON!!
01/07/13 at 06:11pm

Love this show; all good shows are gone. Bring it back.

No more reality shows.

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