Hotel Hell

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Aug 13, 2012 - Jul 26, 2016








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A reality series focused on finding and resuscitating struggling hotels.

Gordon Ramsay has spent more than a decade running restaurants in some of the world's best hotels. He knows firsthand what it takes to meet and exceed the high expectations of his guests. In Hotel Hell, Ramsay travels the US to find and fix up horrible hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts.

From dirty bedrooms to incompetent management, Ramsay uncovers each and every issue in order to restore and rejuvenate these hotels from hell.

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Karin Bermingham
06/08/13 at 09:30pm

Shiloh right on !! Me too lol Love Ramsay's shows, also Kitchen Nightmares :) Another good one is Robert Irvine, with his Restaurant Impossible - check it out :)
11/21/12 at 03:10pm

OOO just a follow up to the last email.....maybe Chef Ramsay could take his family with him to the hotels, especially the family ones. I want to see more Ramsay tirades but I don't want to see his adoreable(??) family suffer.
11/21/12 at 03:07pm

While I worry that Chef Ramsay may be spreading his pate' a little thin and that his wonderful family may suffer for it, I AM SO GLAD THAT THERE is going to be more Hotel Hell. I love it and his advice. I ache in between the season's of Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef. I need a fix soon!!!!!! Please get the episodes out there.

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