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Jan 03, 2012 - Jul 31, 2012








Jane - Erica DasherBilly - Nick RouxJeremy - Rowly DennisBen - David Clayton RogersLulu - Meagan TandyNick - Matthew AtkinsonGray - Andie MacDowell

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A drama following a teen who gets her dream job after being mistaken for an adult.

Jane is a typical teenage girl who gets hired at Donovan Decker, a well-known fashion house, when they mistake her for an adult. Before long Jane is in over her head as she must juggle life as a full-time high school student as well as an assistant to a high-powered executive in the fashion world. And all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

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02/09/13 at 12:18pm

All of my shows are being cancelled and that sucks! Jane by Design was a great show because it had a fun plot and great characters that people could relate to on some level! What is the point of starting to watch a show when it most likely will be cancelled.
02/05/13 at 02:55am

Jane by design being cancelled is so bad!!! its really fun to watch with all the comments here hope abc found this site and reconsider!
Jane by design lover
01/26/13 at 08:44am

In so disappointedthat was the best thing on abc i think you guys should just give it one more shot everyone loved that slow show it was very awesome i think you made a huge mistake cancelling it it was gnna be huge.
01/25/13 at 05:52pm

If any show should go, it should be The Secret Life of an American Teenager! Jane By Design should be brought back! It was a light hearted and darling show! Hands down a much better peice of work than The Secret Life of an American Teenager!
01/22/13 at 05:14am

01/21/13 at 07:10pm

It was my favorite show :(
01/18/13 at 07:34pm

I loved this show so much I am SO DANG MAD
01/01/13 at 04:19pm

NOOOOO I can't believe this show's been cancelled. Can't they just bring it back for another season instead of leaving us fans to wonder what could have happened. I'm so disappointed in ABC Family. First The Nine Lives Of Chloe King and now Jane By Design! And yet The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is still on!!
jazmin trevino
01/01/13 at 01:16pm

why i love that show that show shouldn't be canceled if anything should i think bunheads should but that is still a really good show
12/27/12 at 09:58am

why why why why why why why why why why why do they have to do this to us

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