Last Resort

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Sep 27, 2012 - Jan 24, 2013




Drama / Action




Marcus - Andre BraugherSam - Scott SpeedmanGrace - Daisy BettsSophie - Camille De PazzisTani - Dichen LachmanJames - Daniel LissingJulian - Sahr NgaujahKylie - Autumn ReeserChristine - Jessy SchramJoseph - Robert Patrick

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A drama following the crew of a submarine that refuses orders to fire its nuclear missiles.

When the crew of the USS Colorado, a ballistic missile submarine, receive an order to launch a nuclear missile strike on Pakistan through a secondary communications channel, suspicious of its authenticity arise.

When they refuse orders, they are attacked by a fellow US submarine and forced to take refuge at a NATO outpost where they set up their own society as the smallest nuclear state in the world.

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Tina Cataldo
09/25/13 at 06:38pm

Go figure, cancel Last Resort and renew Mistresses. Typical ABC move. I stopped watching ABC a long time ago. Started again with this show, and again, they prove themselves as bad as I thought they were. They'll never be on top, or even top 5.
Private Detective
05/30/13 at 09:32am

I completely forgot about this pinhead TV show had been cancelled. Thank God for that!
04/27/13 at 05:40am

I hated to see this show get cancelled. It was fast paced and entertaining. Was it realistic? Who knows. I'm sure some of it was, but I suspect that many secrets involved in operating our nuclear submarine fleet will stay the same, secret. At least they wrote and aired a series finale.
04/09/13 at 06:30pm

I totally agree with Silas. Horrible show, glad it's cancelled. Bad actors, unrealistic plot, and very confusing to watch. And the 1st person who says that I'm a dumb blond if I can't follow this show, shouldn't judge, 'cause they don't know me. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, and that was mine.
04/07/13 at 00:07am

I'm not sure where the show could have gone but it was action packed and very enjoyable. I'm used to ABC breaking my heart.
04/05/13 at 04:31pm

Loved this. Maybe it was doomed from the start, not many places it could have gone. The pace was very quick, could have been spread over another season to let the characters develop a little. Dunno, I'm just a watcher.
04/02/13 at 01:36pm

Another show that both my husband, and I liked very much. What the heck is wrong with the person that hires the decision maker! One of the very few shows on this network worth watching.
03/31/13 at 07:51pm

go ahead,
keep stupid shows and cancel the good ones.
stations think 18-24 make great demo.
get a clue, there are no jobs in this country for YOUTH.
the 'YOUTH' feel they will have a worse life then their parents.
WE HAVE MONEY to spend and
GO AHEAD, cancel stuff I watch and
put on low cost shows my children
and uneducated low income households like and
see where your bottom line end up.
03/12/13 at 07:52pm

ABC is clueless, this was a great show. To many exec are airing these stupid reality shows and cutting the good stuff. The reality shows are what is destroying the country. Teem Mom's, Obese and pregnant, how about nobody cares and we are DONE with ABC!
02/26/13 at 02:16pm

Why cancel such a great serie?

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