Lost Girl

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Jan 16, 2012 - Oct 25, 2015








Bo - Anna SilkKenzi - Ksenia SoloDyson - Kristen Holden-RiedLauren - Zoie PalmerTrick - Rick Howland

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A supernatural drama following a succubus helping those in need while learning to control her own abilities.

Bo is a succubus who was raised by an adoptive human family. Until recently she was not aware of her non-human nature, but after she kills her first love accidentally by draining him of his life energy, she cannot deny her powers.

After this, Bo flees her home and exchanges her normal life for a new one without friends or family - moving from place to place every time she kills again.

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03/23/14 at 04:59pm

Chris you need to find something better to do! She is a woman and that's what we do we bring life into the world! so you need to say your sorry and tell Anna congrats on her new baby you selfish prick! you guys better not cancel this show!
03/11/14 at 02:29pm

Hello she already had the baby in 2013 she only misses the first show and how is she screwing anyone he is giving them more screen time!
03/02/14 at 03:16pm

I Love this show!!!!!
The Canadian network has ordered another 13 episodes of the sci-fi series that also airs on Syfy.
TORONTO -- Canada's Showcase has renewed Lost Girl for a fifth season with a new 13-episode order.
01/28/14 at 02:25am

Anna Silk couldn't keep her legs closed and had to get pregnant after finally landing a major lead. Now the show has to write her fat ass out of production and the already weak script just totally implodes. What a selfish bitch to screw her castmates out of a good break.
S**** you Anna.
01/11/14 at 08:04pm

Love everything about this show especially the relationships between all characters. The way there is the perfect combination of humour and darkness mixed together without being too sci fi.
I liked it better in season 2 when there was 22 episodes because now it seems the story is to rushed for personal relationships and other story lines but it is the only show I have to watch immediately and not just dvr!
Brenda Russell
10/09/13 at 05:28pm

Love this show.So much more to tell.Adore doccubus.
Keep it coming for many seasons.
06/03/13 at 07:43am

i love this show...but... i want bo and dyson together not lauren....how about dyson (kristen) be in 50 shades.....love him...
02/18/13 at 08:44pm

I absolutely LOVE this show! Please keep it going for years to come!!
09/15/12 at 06:24am

Yes, there is a season 3! I look forward to this show every week. I agree with the other posters that the acting isn't that great--and the acting in the finale seemed to be a bit contrived, but I don't care. I love the story line. I like watching Bo as she gets stronger. And I definately want to see Bo and Dyson get back together. I actually liked the Ash--he was a very interesting character and they killed him off way too soon. I also love Vex---he is slowly becoming my favorite character.
09/14/12 at 08:04pm

Looking forward too season 3 :D Season 2 finale was awesome tonight, great and entertaining show!

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