Men at Work

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May 24, 2012 - Mar 12, 2014








Milo - Danny MastersonTyler - Michael CassidyNeal - Adam BuschAmy - Meredith HagnerGibbs - James Lesure

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A comedy following four co-workers who become friends while working at the same magazine.

Milo is a recently dumped bachelor whose friends are determined to help him get back on his feet. Gibbs is a photographer and ladies man, Tyler is a writer who is all about style and sophistication, and Neal is a reporter - and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend.

Together, the four help each other with their work lives, friendships and of course, women.

Comments (16)

01/30/20 at 00:09am

I bet this would have made it another season if this was called women at work
02/17/15 at 06:05pm

As a Sista... I thought this show was hesterical! So fresh so different.It reminded me so much of some of my friend guys. They are so much fun to hang around. Hope they can bring it back
12/06/14 at 10:12pm

I am so sad because I loved this show! I found it to be like an updated Seinfeld without an "Elaine". I wish they would bring it back. It does take a few episodes to build the characters and then you feel like they are people you know from modern life. I feel that in order to kike it and get the humor and situations, the watcher would have to work in an urban corporate environment or at least live in a place like NYC, Chicago, DC, etc. and be familiar with that culture..The same could be said for people who loved Seinfeld. What a shame!!
11/27/14 at 09:18pm

Fox should pick up this show along with Sullivan and son!!! They could air both shows on Fridays at 8 and 8:30 est!!!
helder wit
11/15/14 at 08:12pm

Now thats some lava java, thank god we will never have to hear that again
05/16/14 at 08:29pm

This show was by no means great, but it was exponentially better than the complete trash TBS has been airing like Sullivan and Son, Ground Floor and that staged prank show "Deal With It." It's weird that, of all that garbage, the only watchable one was cancelled. Another great decision by TBS.
05/16/14 at 08:57am

this show was so bad
05/09/14 at 10:37am

Awesome show! Very funny! Hope to see it renewed for another season ... and hopefully with more then just 10 episodes!!!
05/07/14 at 04:00pm

This show is terrible I hope it gets cancelled
E Dub
07/13/13 at 12:53pm

'Will' must be Spanish for troll. Please professor, stick to making the hipsters at Starbucks think you're delightfully droll. Men at Work is a funny show about guys and their friends—y' know, like actual people the rest of us mere mortals consort with, as opposed to the chat room avatars you consider your friends.
It takes a few seasons for character development, writers to hit their stride etc. I'm not comparing by any stretch, but Cheers, Seinfeld and even Family Guy took 3-4 full seasons before 'maturing.' Given time, I think Men at Work can be a pretty good show.

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