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Mar 15, 2012 - May 17, 2012








Rebecca - Ashley JuddDax - Cliff CurtisPaul - Sean BeanMichael - Nick EversmanGiancarlo - Adriano Giannini

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A drama following a mother whose son goes missing.

Rebecca is a retired CIA agent who, to her horror, discovers that her son has been kidnapped. When she takes it upon herself to find him, she learns that her former, secret life as an agent may have something to do with his disappearance.

She now takes matters into her own hands, traveling to Europe and using every means necessary to get her son back.

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05/01/13 at 02:37pm

They have to many bull crap reality shows,these are ridiculous..They must be easier to produce. I do not like reality tv it stinks. I am all about the drama and the criminology that comes with these shows.
04/15/13 at 09:49pm

I was wondering what happened to this show! I never missed an episode! What the **** are the executives using for brains?
03/22/13 at 02:19pm

At first I was skeptical, but the longer I watched the more I was drawn in to drama of it all. Judd won me over with the true heartfelt pain I sensed as a mother almost losing her mind doing anything neccesary to save her child. When she cried, I cried. That is a sign of good acting, directing and writing.
03/13/13 at 08:51am

Once again another show I throughly enjoyed cancelled. This is so not cool to get me hooked and ready for the next season just to cancel it. Bullshit!
02/26/13 at 06:03pm

Please bring this show back! To me, this was the next Alias! Just bring a few more known people in if you need advertisers! There is so much crap on. Please give us this show back that actually has some mystery and action!!!
02/14/13 at 03:10am

Not ******' happy
01/21/13 at 06:05pm

Bring back this and 666 park ave
01/18/13 at 06:08pm

What?!?!?! I can't believe this show was cancelled!!! I have been waiting and waiting for it to come back:(((((
01/07/13 at 06:17pm

cancelled.... WOW;please bring the show back.
01/06/13 at 03:35pm

This show was great and really hate to see it off the air. I kept waiting for previews for the second season to finally google it and the cancellation alert. I am so sick of reality shows and only having reality options to choose from onso many channels now. Please give those of us who could care less about kardashians, honey boo, or snooki people options that are worth watching. Person if Interest and Criminal Minds and Once Upon a Time are the only shows to watch. So give us something good. Please bring this showback. It was great. Give people a chance to watch it.

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