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Mar 15, 2012 - May 17, 2012








Rebecca - Ashley JuddDax - Cliff CurtisPaul - Sean BeanMichael - Nick EversmanGiancarlo - Adriano Giannini

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A drama following a mother whose son goes missing.

Rebecca is a retired CIA agent who, to her horror, discovers that her son has been kidnapped. When she takes it upon herself to find him, she learns that her former, secret life as an agent may have something to do with his disappearance.

She now takes matters into her own hands, traveling to Europe and using every means necessary to get her son back.

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01/02/13 at 05:57pm

Are you kidding me??!! They leave these ridiculous "Reality" shows on that show values of idiots like Snooki and Kim Kardashin and on ABC Don't Trust the B and The Bachelor! And, then just throw away a great show that empowers women by showing an example of a loving mother who's intelligent and strong! What a shame!!
William wills
12/27/12 at 05:07pm

They must be crazy for takin king this show off the air
12/02/12 at 07:50pm

I'm saddened to see that once again a top notch show like Missing was cancelled. The networks need to see the sampling of people posting here expressing their disappointment and grief over losing a show that was perfect for so many demographics. Shame on you ABC.
Gary D Linger
11/23/12 at 04:06am

It may be a bit misguided to totally blame ABC for all the quick cancellations of shows. It may be that their sponsors requirements for viewers is outrageous.

We should pay close attention to the sponsors of shows we watch and should our shows quickly be canceled we should threaten the sponsors that we will not buy their products if they don't lessen their demands for acceptable viewer ratings.

I know the TV execs have some say in all of it but I imagine there is a lot of pressure from sponsors these days.

There was a time when shows were given a fair amount of time to catch on.

Shows like Seinfeld, Cheers and Home Improvement would have been quickly canceled if they were starting in these modern times.

It would seem the execs and sponsors have overlooked this and they do so to their detriment.

It is hard for a show to become the next Seinfeld or Cheers or Home Improvement. All those shows started off with modest ratings and they became huge successes.

Reality Tv has ruined Tv for the worse and until the reality Tv fad slows down or dies we will continue to see good shows where people actually ply their acting skills get canceled.
11/17/12 at 10:25pm

Very Very Disappointed. This was a show you could keep going, just like Alias and 24.
11/12/12 at 11:46am

this sucks i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvved that show
Agnes C.
10/27/12 at 03:44am

I have no idea who makes these decision to cancel shows but it was a big mistake to cancel this one. I really enjoyed this show and I have not found much else to continue to follow.
10/25/12 at 11:05am

Very disappointed in the network for cancelling this show. It had my son and I on the edge of our seats every week. One of the good shows that I actually let my 9 year old watch with me, and he loved it. I think you should get opinions before you cancel shows.
10/23/12 at 09:44am

I can not believe that Missing was cancelled. As close to a 24 as I've seen. With all the crap on tv, I can't believe they would cancel this. Bring it back!!!! Without advertising and hype, they need to give it some time for word-of-mouth.
10/21/12 at 12:38pm

Can't believe this was cancelled. This is a great series. What is wrong with these stations?

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