Panic 911

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Nov 29, 2012 - Sep 12, 2013






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A documentary series that reenacts events of 9-1-1 calls.

Episodes reenact actual calls to 9-1-1 by using the calls to narrate the events, as well as interviews with the parties involved.

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04/23/24 at 07:21am

Best show ever !!!!!!! Im like holding my breath every episode!! Best edge of your seat drama !!! Why did this get canceled?! Please bring this show back!!!!!!!!!! Seriously the best ever!! Addicted to this show!!
Sean Beasley
04/25/19 at 01:47pm

This show was the best. I started watching it the first time it aired. Why is it the good shows are the ones getting cancelled. this one needs to come back.
04/14/19 at 08:34am

Where do we start a petition to bring this show back?
01/20/19 at 03:49am

One of the best shows I've ever watched makes me think how i would react in a situation like theres,hopefully as heroic as some of these people.Please bring back
01/12/19 at 09:32pm

Love this show!! Finally a show that keeps me at the edge of my seat!! Don't take that away!! I need more seasons!!
10/04/18 at 02:59pm

This was one of the best true crime shows ever created! Just asinine to have cancelled! Won't someone please bring it back??
09/27/18 at 02:51pm

I recently started watching this show and 9 episodes in I realized this show was canceled. WHHHYY?! BRING IT BACK! I understand some people may not like it but the people that are being shown here had to sign some kind of agreement which meant they’re okay with showing this. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!
09/13/18 at 08:17am

We just started watching Panic 911 on one of the crime channels. After seeing about 5 episodes I looked it up online to try to find the entire series. To find out that the shoe was cancelled due to a petition is disappointing. I can see their point, however I believe the benefits far outweigh the petition. There are a lot of proper training tactics to be learned ... The quick pace of each story keeps the viewers interest ... Important discussions with family and friends have been started because of this show. There are hundreds of crime shows based on true stories and are all reinaced. The only difference between Panic 911 and all of the others is that Panic 911 is intense, well made, and will pull the viewer into what feels like it's actually happening. For us the lessons learned thus far have been significant. We have made plans on what to do should this happen to us. Bring this show back. Panic 911 is too important for today's society to miss.
04/21/18 at 05:38pm

This show is the shit I just saw it on TV the other day. Bring this show back!!
03/26/18 at 12:23pm

I just started watching this show and didn't realize, until now, that it wasn't a new show nor that it was cancelled. Why in the heck would someone 'petition' to have it taken off the air? This show doesn't make me fearful -- I consider it a training tool. I, too, would love to see the show return.

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