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Sep 24, 2012 - Nov 12, 2012








Louis - Michael UrieJoe - David KrumholtzAli - Sophia BushWyatt - Brandon Routh

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A comedy following two longtime friends and business partners - one straight and one gay.

Joe is an architect who tries to always think with his head instead of his heart, especially when it comes to his love life. That view is in direct contrast to his gay business partner and best friend, Louis, who tends to be spontaneous and let his emotions lead his decision making.

Although they couldn't be more different, their life-long friendship is strong and has made them successful partners in an architecture firm. Now, their "bromance" will be tested when Joe gets engaged and Louis meets somebody new.

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10/03/14 at 06:53am

**** I just yelped about this show being cancelled, then I saw the cast and this IS NOT the "Partner" with Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar. This is another show from 2012. I can't seem to locate this newest one we are missing with Kelsey and Martin. The creator should have tweaked the name a bit so this wouldn't be mistaken with the 2012 show. ****
David Wood
08/13/14 at 02:56pm

Ha! I thought this was the new sitcom of the same name with Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence.
Tsk. They can't even come up with an original title.
10/06/13 at 06:21pm

I hope you bring it back, because it wasn't like Will and Grace at all. It was laugh out loud funny.
02/07/13 at 03:19pm

Wish this show could have stuck around but could see why it was cancelled
Nick T
02/04/13 at 01:38am

I liked the show, but only cause of Sophia Bush. She is beautiful and talented.
01/10/13 at 09:26pm

I really loved this show. It had me laughing from the first episode, and it just got better from there. I wish they would put it back on the air. I found personally they had chemistry, and I miss it.
01/09/13 at 08:31am

I won't miss this show. I gave it a chance because it was made by the same creators of 'Will and Grace' (which I adore and still occasionally watch on Netflix). But this show just felt like a cheap knock-off. The jokes were forced and there just was no chemistry between the characters.
01/07/13 at 02:53pm

I loved this show. One of the very few new shows I watched. I wish it had been given more time. I thought it was hilarious. I don't usually even watch sitcoms but I never missed this one
12/30/12 at 07:27pm

i think it great comedy give it chance
11/19/12 at 03:09pm

I am surprised CBS let this turkey run as long as it did. Should have been gone before episode one

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