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Sep 24, 2012 - Nov 12, 2012








Louis - Michael UrieJoe - David KrumholtzAli - Sophia BushWyatt - Brandon Routh

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A comedy following two longtime friends and business partners - one straight and one gay.

Joe is an architect who tries to always think with his head instead of his heart, especially when it comes to his love life. That view is in direct contrast to his gay business partner and best friend, Louis, who tends to be spontaneous and let his emotions lead his decision making.

Although they couldn't be more different, their life-long friendship is strong and has made them successful partners in an architecture firm. Now, their "bromance" will be tested when Joe gets engaged and Louis meets somebody new.

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10/29/12 at 04:50am

Has been cancelled? I'm from Spain and I see the show online and don't have information about it in my country!
Is a good show! I wish it don't be cancelled!
10/21/12 at 08:15am

Nothing fresh about the show--it doesn't compare to the New Normal, if we're talking aobut gay relationships--add some spice or obnoxious humor to this show, and it might be better.
10/21/12 at 08:14am

This show is OK. I watch it because it's a new sitcom, but I won't be heartbroken if it gets cancelled. Michael Urie is great--really funny in this, but the other actor is not. It's obvious he is reading his lines from a cue card.
10/15/12 at 01:37pm

Please DON'T cancel this show...I LOVE it..keeps me laughing the whole 1/2 hour..Great writers:)
10/10/12 at 09:05am

This show was slow to start, but third episode had me laughing so hard. I hope they can keep up the pace!

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