Tattoo Nightmares

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Oct 16, 2012 - Sep 01, 2015






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A reality series following tattoo artists specializing in fixing up bad tattoos.

In this reality show, people who have ended up with terrible tattoos seek the help of three of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them up.

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Tiffany Furr
02/26/21 at 05:36pm

Dude. Hi My name is Tiffany and I admin a group on Facebook called Movie amd TV Talk and me and my boys were saying how Tattoo Nightmares was one of the best shows on. Please bring it back with original cast bc it kicked tail. I mean seriously yall ROCK!!!!
01/28/20 at 07:43pm

What happened to Tattoo nightmare . I don’t have any tattoo on my body but my daughter has some. That show was amazing how they were able to fix bad tattoo. Bring it back.
07/27/19 at 07:34pm

Bring back tattoo nightmares with original cast
Glen Moses
08/19/18 at 09:45am

I have a few tattoos and some i regret and I have been watching every tattoo show but tattoo nightmares is my favorite do not cancel it get another network
Tracy Banks
05/01/18 at 03:27am

Love Tattoo Nightmares. Excited for the episode every week. Don't cancel. It made my week
Stuart Carter
11/01/17 at 04:13pm

I love watching tattoo nightmares on freeview I would like the series to be renewed it is truly awesome
Kami Styron
10/04/17 at 07:29pm

Noo! Don't cancel Tattoo Nightmares. That show is great. Live ut and Ink Master. Ink Master Redemption should be cancelled, it's dumb.
Debra L Graham
09/12/17 at 09:14am

Spike why did you cancel Tattoo Nightmates, that and Ink Master are the only Spike shows we watch. If you need to csncel a tattoo program, cancel
Ink Master Redemption. Too much anger and drama instead of art.
08/30/17 at 11:05am

i love the show don't cancel it
08/29/17 at 10:40pm

Spike- very disappointed in your cancellation of Tatto Nightmares!!!

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