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Jan 12, 2012 - May 11, 2012








Walter - Geoff StultsLeo - Michael Clarke DuncanIke - Saffron BurrowsIsabel - Mercedes MasohnWilla - Maddie Hasson

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A procedural drama following a man who uses his unique gift to help others recover what they've lost.

Walter is a war veteran who has a reputation as being adept at tracking down insurgents, deserters, and improvised explosive devices. Unfortunately, Walter found one device a little too late, causing him to injured so badly that he lapsed into a coma for two months from the brain damage he incurred.

When Walter woke from his coma, he was honorably discharged and returned home. With his life is now dramatically different than before his accident, he discovers that his brain damage has transformed him from someone skilled at recovering things into something extraordinary: a Finder.

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05/04/13 at 08:15pm

So sad that something so family friendly and high quality gets tossed but don't blame the network it is your " neighbors" fault for not only watching the mindless crap like honey boo boo but prefering it. Just like in politics, we get what we deserve.
Jonathan Pflug
04/28/13 at 06:13pm

Could bring back the show with Leo leaving the bar to Walter, willow finding out Leo's dead and returning, and have cameos from people trying out for his assistant, The Rock, Mr. T, Mr Bean carrot Top,......???
04/27/13 at 12:52pm

You are idiots for cancelling this great show!!!
04/22/13 at 05:15pm

Bring back the finder only thing that is good
04/19/13 at 09:27pm

Bring back finder what a great show
Everything else sucks fringe come on
Bachelorette fox and all u networks need to wake
04/15/13 at 10:20pm

This really sucks, I finally find a good clean, exciting series and it gets canceled. It would be really hard to replace Duncan, I loved his character and will miss him a lot. dymin mentioned The Rock and that would be a good pick. Pleeeeeeze bring this back.
04/14/13 at 01:30am

this is almost as depressing as when they cancelled firefly
berk berkley
04/11/13 at 05:45pm

It is so tiresome that networks have chose a dark path . Im so tired of useless cartoons , shows that lead no where or so adult you cant watch with family . Where is TGIF of the 90s where almost 15 years later we laugh about the great memories and family memories . The finder was one and again gone . But hey we got psycho bates motel & american horror story for family time . Yay networks hopefully you sleep at night with the soft dollar bill dreams at night .
04/05/13 at 03:49pm

What is going on with TV ? The Finder is a great show with quirky characters and story lines with so many variables still to come that is seems almost obscene to cancel after just one season. So much trash gets through it makes you wonder what the powers that be actually see when they watch these programmes. Reality TV is not what most people watch, it's just cheap no brainer stodge that you'd need to have a lobotomy to appreciate. Bring back fun, quality programming, bring back The Finder!
03/08/13 at 06:48am

I LOVED THE FINDER! & Walter was hot! Great story good actors what are these TV stations thinking, oh yeah I know what they are thinking Reality TV! SUCKS! Bring the Finder BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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