The Neighbors

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Sep 26, 2012 - Apr 11, 2014








Debbie - Jami GertzMarty - Lenny VenitoLarry - Simon TemplemanJackie - Toks OlagundoyeAmber - Clara MametReggie - Tim JoDick - Ian PatrickMax - Max CharlesAbby - Isabella Cramp

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A comedy following a family who move to a gated community and discover their neighbors are aliens.

The Weavers are a typical New Jersey family who move to a gated community and discover that their new neighbors are aliens who have taken human form and named themselves after famous sports figures in an effort to fit in.

The Weavers try to make sense of the weird new neighbors, and find out that the entire Hidden Hills community is made up of aliens from the planet Zabvron, none of whom have ever lived among humans.

Comments (71)

05/20/14 at 11:58pm

So sad to see this one go:( I love this show I can't believe it's being cancelled
05/14/14 at 09:08pm

Sign and spread this petition, we will hope for miracle ...
05/12/14 at 05:23pm

Sad!! Great family show..great actors!!! Didn't ask all of us who want it on!!
05/12/14 at 10:38am

I like the show. It was nice to see a show that was actually funny. I stopped watching Dancing with the Stars and now the Neighbors are gone, No more ABC for me.
05/12/14 at 08:13am

Idiotic show
05/12/14 at 06:53am

so abc are you having a meldown or something you get rid of suburgatory and the neighbors and choose to keep last man standing. so the two good and funny shows you get rid of and keep the one that is not funny. time for some changes in management. good luck because I am not watching abc anymore they stink.
05/12/14 at 03:04am

Sorry, it has been canceled --it was refreshing
05/12/14 at 02:22am

One of the few shows I look forward to watching.every year a good shows get cancelled and there is less and less to watch. Except for those "reality" shows!
05/12/14 at 01:07am

It seems to me everyone should be blaming / suing the Neilson ratings people for discriminating against people over 49 for all the good shows being canceled. If you're between 18-49 years old you get your choice of what to watch. Over 49 and your voice just does not count anymore. Loved this show. Hate to see it gone.
05/11/14 at 05:27pm

A much better show than many that are being picked up again for next season. Original, funny, family safe, and a great social commentary. We hate to see it go.

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