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Sep 26, 2012 - Apr 11, 2014








Debbie - Jami GertzMarty - Lenny VenitoLarry - Simon TemplemanJackie - Toks OlagundoyeAmber - Clara MametReggie - Tim JoDick - Ian PatrickMax - Max CharlesAbby - Isabella Cramp

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A comedy following a family who move to a gated community and discover their neighbors are aliens.

The Weavers are a typical New Jersey family who move to a gated community and discover that their new neighbors are aliens who have taken human form and named themselves after famous sports figures in an effort to fit in.

The Weavers try to make sense of the weird new neighbors, and find out that the entire Hidden Hills community is made up of aliens from the planet Zabvron, none of whom have ever lived among humans.

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04/19/15 at 09:22pm

This was a very creative, refreshingly clean show. The characters were quirky and lovable. What happened to ABC Family picking it up? We need shows like this.
11/10/14 at 11:03am

this show was really funny family friendly. I enjoyed every episode please bring the show back
11/03/14 at 06:36pm

I really liked this show and it was getting better every week. I found it side splitting funny. How come the rating continued to soar but you still took it off? Bring it back.
09/19/14 at 05:53pm

What? Cancelled? Nooooooooooo!
I'll admit when I saw the very first episode I thought the show was absolute s*** but I continued to watch and it got better and better and better. This is one of the few shows I watch.
I can't believe they're cancelling this and keeping that ridiculous dancing with the stars. Good Lord.
08/18/14 at 08:19am

I was really upset to she this show leave. I can tell, there were some really talented young writers for this show.
Cheryl Brown
08/10/14 at 03:12am

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO BRING THIS BACK!!! They still need a couple hundred more signatures. I miss this show, it was easily the funniest I've seen in a long time, such great actors!
07/30/14 at 10:49am

So sorry to hear that they have canceled this show. We loved it. Aliens or not, it really put a humorous spin on the way life is living in a townhouse complex. Nobody really knows who their neighbors are. People come and go through their garages. Landscapers take care of all the yard work, etc. Our neighbors really could be aliens, we would never know.
Top bad another network doesn't pick this show up for the next season. We will miss it.
07/25/14 at 11:56pm

This comedy show is hilarious, the whole cast has their own way of bringing random totally outside the box humor. I love this show jamie Gertz has been funny in other shows but this one I think put her and the others on another level. Do you remember "3rd rock from the sun" one of the best ever. The spin on The Neighbors which has the potential for being another best is near if it keeps on for viewers to get hooked on their crazy charm and learning more about human behavior and vice versa humans learning more about alien behavior. How it may seem as far distant their worlds are but in the bigger picture of it all is surprisingly similar if not the same. This is a colorful opportunity to observe an opened minded people who see the goodness in what differences can connect us more than ways in which constant predictable days with the same information forming the illusion that this is this and that is that with no room for the impossible become possible. Life is change and you have a part in it and if your lucky enough to make it a better place for us all and continually show up and be without judgment, prejudices, racism, sexual preference or religious beliefs. But as all complicated and irrational and deeply emotional and not always being able to be in control and the many set backs challenges. We all on our own matter and should be able to be who exactly who you are cause you're the one and only who is meant to be you so embrace it and make your life your own and spread the love. I don't want this show to go cause it makes me laugh and in those moments I'm happy and am hopeful for meeting a world filled with equality.
Dylan Boyle
07/16/14 at 02:42am

F*****g awful show, glad it's been cancelled.
06/21/14 at 08:58pm


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