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Jun 24, 2012 - Dec 14, 2014








Will - Jeff DanielsMacKenzie - Emily MortimerJim - John Gallagher Jr.Maggie - Alison PillDon - Thomas SadoskiNeal - Dev PatelSloan - Olivia MunnCharlie - Sam WaterstonLeona - Jane FondaReese - Chris Messina

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A drama following the action behind the scenes at a cable news channel.

Created by Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom chronicles the on-goings at the Atlantis Cable News channel, where the lead anchor and his staff work to put on a news show in the face of obstacles both corporate and commercial.

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Mark R
08/07/13 at 09:10pm

Hey Ben The Newsroom is not a sitcom neither is NCIS or CSI. It's called a drama because its not a comedy, which is the definition of a sitcom. Given The Newsroom is satirical at times but that does not make it a sitcom. Thank you for furthering the idea that Canada is the only joke here.
06/15/13 at 07:44am

best sitcom on tv bar none. As a canadian show we can expose all the US ways of doing things, rightly or wrongly. Clever, witty and truly inspiring. I wish this show would be picked up and run September to may and have the same amount of episodes as a sitcom such as csi, ncos or criminal minds. For once we don't have to rely on criminals to thoroughly enjoy a tv sitcom.
04/12/13 at 08:17am

The Newsroom has been renewed for a second season, which will premiere in June 2013.
03/09/13 at 02:04pm

Love this show. It is so smart I watch each episode twice! It would be ironic if the same bad guys in the show are the very ones that are responsible for cancelling it. It clearly has a strong following.
12/20/12 at 01:04pm

absolutely brilliant! the intelligent script with quick repartee reminds me of the west wing! rare gems amidst the crap drivel on tv nowadays!
12/14/12 at 11:51pm

I really like this show it is smart, funny, well written and extremely well acted. I didn't think I would like it at first, but I am glad I was wrong. I really hope there is a second season.
12/02/12 at 05:30pm

Obama campaign written and produced propaganda. Smartly acted and produced hit job on the GOP. Too bad they don't believe in truth, context, capitalism or for that matter The American Way.
b. Angus
10/14/12 at 09:25pm

This is one of the best shows on televison. It is too bad that there are not enough TV show that reaches the quality that this show reaches
08/22/12 at 04:43am

How sad that we are ALREADY talking about this show being cancelled, simply because it's an intelligent show. I would like to believe that only shows on regular television are cancelled, but they SURVIVE on cable television. Would I be wrong? Consider the fact that Prime Suspect (NBC), The Firm (NBC), Awake (NBC), Missing (ABC) were all public/local television shows. I do not know too many cable shows that have been cancelled. Let's hope it remains. I am willing to PAY to support PREMIUM television shows. And, when I say PREMIUM, I do mean INTELLIGENT, void of the idiocy found in most reality shows, which seem to be thriving so well.
Ahmed from Egypt
08/20/12 at 04:47am

really smart show . a jump into agood drama for ppl who has brain < which is rare for US tv . so obviously it will be cancelled.

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