Wedding Band

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Nov 10, 2012 - Jan 19, 2013




Comedy / Drama




Tommy - Brian Austin GreenStevie - Harold PerrineauBarry - Derek MillerEddie - Peter CamborRachel - Jenny WadeIngrid - Kathryn FioreRoxie - Melora Hardin

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A dramedy following four friends who perform in a wedding band.

Wedding Band focuses on the 'bromance' between four young guys trying to figure out what to do with their lives. One thing they do know is that weddings are the best parties in town. Not only are the drinks free, there's a paycheck waiting for them at the end of the night too.

Comments (23)

dave @number ten
03/25/13 at 00:46am

Just started in UK advertised as a great new comedy seems it wasn't so hot after all
03/10/13 at 06:28pm

I really like this show.
Miss Martha
03/02/13 at 01:54am

Oh nooooooo. So sad!! I really enjoyed watching this show, and the way they took popular hits and put their own spin and sound on the music was fabulous. As a musician, I find it hard to watch other musical based shows, but this one was very real. A nice funny down to earth comedy.
michael storey
02/25/13 at 11:24pm

This was raunchy clean fun. Music was real,not canned studio BS. Did they ever advertise anywhere but their own lame network? Not that I saw. I found it accidentally. Hooked,got my friends hooked. My musician buddies hooked. None of them knew it was on!
02/23/13 at 09:11pm

Is it canceled?
02/07/13 at 03:17pm

Agree with all of the comments. only complaint I had was it should have been a half hour rather than an hour but my wife and I watched it every week.
02/02/13 at 03:45pm

Big mistake to cancel this show.
01/31/13 at 09:53pm

This show is one of the most underrated shows on television. It's too bad it was so poorly advertised because it is really funny. Started watching one day and loved it. Clever and good acting. Needed more time to find its audience!
01/28/13 at 12:50pm

This was a very funny show, I really wish they would reconsider and give it some time...I accidentally came across it one late night - perhaps some advertising would help the ratings?!
01/28/13 at 09:55am

Man, this show was just hitting its stride. The relationships were finally interesting and building some intrigue. It is exactly the type of show I expect from TBS, in the same manner of Fraklin and Bash. Will miss this show! BTW - 40+ demo making >$120k.

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