Wedding Band

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Nov 10, 2012 - Jan 19, 2013




Comedy / Drama




Tommy - Brian Austin GreenStevie - Harold PerrineauBarry - Derek MillerEddie - Peter CamborRachel - Jenny WadeIngrid - Kathryn FioreRoxie - Melora Hardin

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A dramedy following four friends who perform in a wedding band.

Wedding Band focuses on the 'bromance' between four young guys trying to figure out what to do with their lives. One thing they do know is that weddings are the best parties in town. Not only are the drinks free, there's a paycheck waiting for them at the end of the night too.

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09/02/13 at 05:42pm

I am sad to hear it's not returning! It truly was a unique show with good music, clever writing and comedy. Please bring it back, even if it's cut to 30 minutes!!
06/09/13 at 07:10pm

So stupid that TBS cancelled this show, it was really good and wanted to see if the would get together in the next season was looking forward to that.
06/07/13 at 12:43pm

Wow now tbs has lost it too!!!! How dumb can they be? They have only 4 good shows worth watching / cougar town, men at work, Sullivan and sons, men at work is NUMBER 1, but wedding band was number 2, with only 4 shows worth watching on their entire network all year long, I JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WOULD CANCEL ONE OF THEM. I thought TBS WAS FINALLY STEPPING UP, but looks like their just like ABC, NBC, dumb and don't care what us viewers like, corporate douches
Kathy Schultz
05/11/13 at 08:56pm

I've been waiting for this to come back on and just found out it was cancelled. Both my husband and I really enjoyed it. Not much else to watch on Saturdays. My husband played in a band for many years and he doesn't watch many entertaining shows other than sports or news. So if he liked it, than it was good. Come on TBS give it another chance!
05/08/13 at 08:40am

This show was awesome! Stupid mistake cancelling it..
04/18/13 at 07:04am

So sorry the show was cancelled love this show so different and love how they could change the different styles of music and make it sound good. Please bring back wedding band...very funny
04/02/13 at 11:09am

I was sorry to see that this show was cancelled. this show was very entertaining. i agree with tmh that it should have been for 30min show. come on, tbs! MAKE YOUR VIEWER HAPPY AND GIVE THIS SHOW ANOTHER CHANCE!
04/02/13 at 10:35am

How could they possibly cancel this? Its different from anything!
Noire Panthera
04/01/13 at 00:04am

Why was this show cancelled? I really liked this show. It's unbelievable the kind of shows that are being cancelled and ridiculous, (fake) reality crap is still on.
03/29/13 at 02:01pm

I Loved This show!! It was so entertaining. Someone should pick it up and try it again.

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