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Nov 23, 2013 - Jul 01, 2015


Drama / Fantasy




Jason - Jack DonnellyHercules - Mark AddyPythagoras - Robert EmmsMedusa - Jemima RooperPasiphaë - Sarah ParishThe Oracle - Juliet Stevenson

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A fantasy drama set in a world of legends and mythical creatures.

When Jason, who has been searching for his father for 20 years, washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis, little does he know that his life is about to drastically change. He is now in a world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures.

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11/02/14 at 05:08am

My apologies, just checked the BBCAmerica website and got this info:
Season 2 Premiere
Nov 15 @ 9/8c
09/21/14 at 07:32pm

any word on Season 2? 11/23 was the start Saturday for Season 1 btw.
09/15/14 at 02:12pm

Atlantis premieres Saturday, November 23 at 9/8c as part of Supernatural Saturday.
07/23/14 at 08:50am

I really enjoy this show. Have yet to watch the last few episodes, but I really love that nothing is as one would have thought.
I absolutely love that when Mark Addy's character died on GoT, he ended up as Hercules! :D
Hope it gets at least two more seasons.
03/24/14 at 11:30am

I love's a great show!!!! I hope it does NOT get canceled.
02/10/14 at 02:29pm

I'm liking this show.. I love futuristic shows a lot.. going back in time was a nice change. :)
01/22/14 at 05:14pm

It's kinda sad, there (perhaps) aren't any truly new stories to tell. Even tales ripped from today's headlines are essentially a retelling of a previous yarn cum reality play. Having said that I do believe the mastery of story telling (say screenplay) is how well the old tale gets retold.
We're "binge watchers." We test drive a few minutes of a series to decide if it has promise. If it does, we then download and store a season (or seasons) for later. At some point we engage in what we call visual gluttony of a show. Atlantis is on our upcoming menu.
12/21/13 at 06:32am

The whole myth... story has been told repeatedly over the decades and always with the same - same - same - same- get the point? "You know what's coming next story line!" and all myth... characters are played true to form (HEADS UP SPOILER ALERT) Hercules- Tall-Thin-Muscular-Brave-oh yeah and Blond now that is typical portrayal, but tune into this and WELL let's just say you'll receive a belly full of joy and surprises! :)) and then there is the (as Jason calls him) the triangle guy (OMG that was funny) our family calls him Pi we keep getting tongue tied on his name LOL.. Then Medusa and when Jason meets her and the look on his face. Our family gives cudos to the casting director!!! BRAVO and then the WRITERS and CREATORS. The imagination and creativity to take this MYTHOLOGY DONE RAGGED THEME OVER AND OVER and you all together BRIGHTENED IT UP- ENLIGHTENED- MADE IT SO ENJOYABLE AND FUN. MY TEENAGE SON 16 AND HIS FRIENDS THAT I SHOWED THE SHOW TOO LOVE IT AND CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO CONTINUE THEY LAUGH AND GET CAUGHT UP IN THE STORY LINE AND LOVE THE ALL THE CHARACTERS. OUR FAMILY SITS AFTER THE EPISODES AND WE TALK AND LAUGH. AND MY CHILDREN LEARN SO MUCH AND DON'T HATE THE LEARNING LOL.... so I want to Thank You From the Bottom of my Heart for bring a Brilliant, Fun, Intelligent, Show into our home! I wish you and your team and Cast Many Years with "Atlantis"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovin It ALL and All OF You (also note this comment/opinion is posted on to the comments sect. of this show.) It is from me and my family. Watching here for the continual renewal of the show!

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