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Sep 09, 2013 - May 31, 2014






Host - Bethenny Frankel

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A daily talk show hosted by Bethenny Frankel.

Chef, author, and reality star Bethenny Frankel hosts this syndicated daily talk show that covers a variety of topics focused on women - ranging from love & relationships to pop culture to beauty & fitness.

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02/07/15 at 11:15am

If read about her & her decision she was not canceled. She canceled it ready to move on & she felt she did what she wanted to do & had the best days doing it but she had her reasons she was ready to move on & loves all her fans & hoped they respected her time to go..
10/26/14 at 09:46pm

Thank you for cancelling this show; I couldn't stand this woman, and I could never believe anyone actually gave her a TV show. It's like picking up some random person off a street corner and giving them their own show; ridiculous.
09/09/14 at 07:15am

I loved her show. The View was getting on my nerves. Bethenny was a breath of fresh air into talk shows in the morning.
Edna Peet
05/16/14 at 08:29am

I'm so sad.....I luv her. She makes my day. I wish I would of went to see her in person. She is a sweetie and has a gr8 show. Please reconsider......who do u write ? Who do I call ?
Ruby Tullis
04/15/14 at 07:12pm

I loved this show. I can't believe it got cancelled. I looked forward to it everyday. It was our girl time. Lots of relationship, cooking, organizing tips, etc.
03/17/14 at 01:31pm

Correction: "Bethenny" (not "Bethanny" as I stated) ..
03/17/14 at 12:58pm

I'm so sad that "Bethanny" has been cancelled .. It was like a "pajama party" for us gals, with guy guests often invited to give us their candid perspectives. Also, I enjoy the "lite cooking" tips and enjoyed Bethanny's tips to start up women-owned businesses.
Additionally, I'm also very shocked, at this "Bethanny Show" cancellation, esp when I see "Maury Show" and "Jerry Springer Show" still on... with their same, never varied agenda.. "who's the father -w/ DNA evidence" .. How could "Bethanny Show" be cancelled, yet these other shows remain for years! .. same same networks *shrugs* .. truly puzzles me
Patrick Pierce
02/20/14 at 02:22pm

Worse show in the history of Television.
02/18/14 at 08:45pm

Bethenny Frankel is very attractive woman, but that is all she had going as this show was just another reality talk show host that was male bashing.

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