Cedar Cove

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Jul 20, 2013 - Sep 26, 2015






Olivia - Andie MacDowellJack - Dylan NealGrace - Teryl RotheryJustine - Sarah SmythWarren - Brennan ElliottBob - Bruce BoxleitnerPeggy - Barbara NivenMoon - Timothy WebberSeth - Corey SevierCharlotte - Paula Shaw

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A drama following the personal and professional life of a small-town judge.

Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart lives in the idyllic coastal town of Cedar Cove, Washington, and is considered by many in the community to be their guiding light. She is a loving mother and a lifetime town resident, but like everybody else, Olivia has her own set of struggles. While fighting to balance her career with family and finding love, Olivia still manages to care for the township she calls home.

Comments (13)

07/22/16 at 08:13am

Please put Dylan Neal in another show or more movies.
07/22/16 at 08:02am

I'm really disappointed that Cedar Cove has been cancelled. I loved it. I saw a commercial for it and taped the series. I actually taped 2 seasons before I watched it. When I saw season 3 was getting ready to start, I thought I'd better watch this. I watched the 1st 2 seasons in less than 2 weeks. I loved it! When season 3 started I could hardly wait from Saturday to Saturday to see what was going to happen. Again I am so disappointed!
Pat Snow
06/14/16 at 06:38pm

You could have gave it an ending
Pat Snow
06/14/16 at 06:37pm

Why are all the good shows being cancelled .doesn't make any sense
01/23/16 at 05:21am

I read all these books and enjoyed them. I actually canceled my cable provider and went with one who had hallmark . Sorry my opinion of this show is not a positive one. Ruined the books for me. So much so that I will not even purchase the over priced books anymore. I gave the show a try. Nothing like I invinsioned when reading the book. Ver dissapointed. And now stuck with an overpriced cable provider for 2 years.
01/16/16 at 10:54pm

So very bummed this show has been cancelled. There are certain shows that I find quite soothing to watch after a chaotic day and this was one of them. I looked forward to a relaxing evening with the Cedar Cove community.
01/01/16 at 05:57pm

I am very upset... I love this show and if Hallmark won't renew another station needs to pick it up! It is a great show!!!
Rosina Steiner
12/26/15 at 07:17am

I am so sad you cancel it. Was a show with no violence, a show from the heart please....start it no cancel... renew
12/06/15 at 04:24am

There surely has to be something going on besides low ratings. There are few series shows my wife even thinks about through the off season, but this one she talks about all year long...."Reckon when Cedar Cove will be back on?" She absolutely loves this show. She will be so disappointed. I just bet you something has happened to one of the main actors. For one thing the salaries demanded for such a big name cast may have gotten too large. I watched this happen on another series a few years back....Good series, they had simply over loaded it with too many big named stars, to make it too expensive to produce.
the doctor
12/03/15 at 09:30am

Shame this was a good programme for the little lady to watch after she had made the dinner and done the housework. Guees she will have to take up knitting or something now

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