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A true crime series following a former prosecutor and investigator who attempt to solve cold cases.

Kelly Siegler is a former Texas prosecutor and Yolanda McClary is a former crime scene investigator. Together, they utilize their wealth of knowledge and experience to help solve small-town murder cases that have gone without closure for years.

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kerri mullins
09/01/19 at 05:25pm

My grandfather was murdered in Sandoval Marion county Illinoi 1982 several items missing from house which indicates robbery I was looking for him that night and never found him please help my family end this mystery.
Michelle K.
02/08/17 at 08:29pm

Just wanted to let everone know that Cold Justice is coming back on the Oxygen Network. Here's a link to the article. - Oxygen To Rebrand As Crime Network, Dick Wolf ‘Cold Justice’ Revival Picked Up
10/01/16 at 09:22am

Shakespeare murder solved and went to trial watched it live gavel to gavel
09/10/16 at 02:41pm

Wonder why no show on millionaire Shakespeare unsolved murder???
04/25/16 at 06:59pm

Read somewhere tonight this show was cancelled.
02/24/16 at 03:13pm

Does anyone know if this show was renewed for season 4?
09/01/15 at 06:13pm

In the Amanda price show why weren't either of the participants given a gun shot residue test. Dam poor police work. Amanda was right when she said police are stupid.
05/28/15 at 04:57pm

I'm still a fan of the show and support what their doing but it the episodes are very thrown together at last minute. What's with the rush? They're not solving cases or trying for and indictment anymore, some episodes they're just reviewing them and coming up with nothing. Kind of wastes an hour but I have respect for the dead and their families.
10/08/14 at 08:10pm

Season 3, Yay !
09/18/14 at 05:16pm

I absolutely love this show!!! It is so educational in the way that I learn about procedural issues & how the team starts all over with the case. Please!! Don't cancel this show! We're the ratings down? Need more advertising so people know it exists. Thank you.

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