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May 01, 2013 - Jul 10, 2013








Jack - Kyle BornheimerTony - JK SimmonsDarren - Edi GathegiTerry - Leah ReminiMason - Johnny PembertonStitch - Danielle Nicolet

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A comedy following a man who takes over his father's handyman business.

Jack Shea is a guy just trying to find his calling in life. After failed stints in the police academy and the Army, he is forced to take over the family's handyman business after his dad has a heart attack.

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03/17/14 at 03:47pm

Get rid of Edi Gathegi, aka Darren, and you'd have a GREAT show! That guy killed it.... no one would have even considered letting him get away with 1/10th of what he did (or didn't do) on the job. Another great potential show that got choked.
bill tarnelli
11/09/13 at 04:40pm

when the beautiful blond was chasing around the skinny
wise guy i said to myself why? also the nephew looked to
old to have leah as an aunt.
11/03/13 at 06:46am

Lame and had to go.
10/04/13 at 08:10am

This show needed some major changes.
The only reason I watched this show was because of Leah Remini she was great on the KING OF QUEENS.
The networks should always give a new show at least one complete season 24 episodes.
07/27/13 at 01:07pm

sooooo sad sooooo sick of liking a show - enjoy laughing out loud - only to see CANCELLED!
07/20/13 at 07:01am

WE WANT FAMILY TOOLS BACK!!! ABC did not promote it enough, I believe so they can justify keeping the crap on. Society needs shows like FT because it is pure comedy...amazing writers & talented actors that didnt need to use sex & trash to make you laugh. Family entertainment is needed...we dont need reality crap & the networks have no moral standards anymore or value the family life. We never watch ABC shows due to this. We have all 10 episides on PVR & will cherish them as we watch them over & over. I wish there were a way to bring this incredible show back...
06/13/13 at 10:56pm

yea i just started watching this, it has like 10 episodes, its getting better but its cancelled now! look online, there is like 10 episodes
06/07/13 at 12:04pm

Omg, IM SOOOOO SICK OF LICKING A SHOW only to have it taken away. Seriously it's gotta stop it just goes to show Abc, NBC all networks have idiots behind the wheel, do your damn job right so this don't happen to every single show put on tv anymore.
05/21/13 at 02:28pm

This had the markings of becoming another Community, given time to mature a bit. Oh well.. at least we have 20 reality cooking shows, 10 guys in the dark with flashlights and some NBC shows to mock still. :)
05/18/13 at 12:58pm

Good call.....I wanted to like it, and I couldn' just wasn't funny.

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