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Jun 06, 2013 - Sep 17, 2015


Drama / Crime




Paul - Daniel SunjataMike - Aaron TveitCatherine - Vanessa FerlitoDale - Brandon Jay McLarenJoe - Manny MontanaPaige - Serinda Swan

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A drama following a group of officials from various U.S. law enforcement agencies.

A group of officials from agencies such as the FBI, DEA and ICE are brought together to take part in an undercover operation. They are all assigned to share a beach house together in Southern California as part of the job.

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10/01/15 at 05:30pm

I didn't like it at all but they shouldn't have cancelled it.
10/01/15 at 04:38pm

SWEET! USA cancels the only show on their channel worth watching, can delete it off preferred channels now. Great show,great idea,great there just crappy writers took whole theme in the toilet last year. But it's only USA channel ,who really cares? Maybe a real network can pick it up and overhaul things
Pete Peterson
09/03/15 at 10:42am

Best series on TV
05/20/15 at 06:40am

i disagree - I say season 4 was even better than 1.
2 and 3 were crap but 4 is wow - good job
04/16/15 at 10:19am

If you don't like a show don't watch it and don't write about it. The good think about TV is you can change the channel. I just don't get why people want to gripe about a show and try to ruin for those that do like it. STOP already.
04/09/15 at 12:02pm

Wow people have a lot to say about this show,if you don't like it move on, why waste your time writing about it. When is it coming back on??
12/28/14 at 08:20pm

Graceland is awesome. please keep it going.
09/14/14 at 06:29pm

Please please rewnew it please rewnew it
Audrey Prater
09/11/14 at 01:29pm

Please renew Graceland. I like the fact it is based on reral life issues for the undercover ops. Love the actors. Now it seems you have killed off Mike???OMG I am sad for this..RENEW PLEASE...Audrey
09/10/14 at 08:30pm

When I first heard the show might be cancelled, I was kind of on the fence about it.It seemed to have slowed down a bit as far as suspense,action, drama. But I watched it a little longer and things seemed to have picked up. I started looking forward to Wednesday nights again. I just watched the finale and realized that the way it ended left it a 50/50 chance of having a season 3. If it does come back for a 3rd season, it's going to take one heck of a surprise opener to get fans on fire again. Actually, I hope there is one heck of a surprise up the writer's sleeve so it does come back.

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