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Jun 06, 2013 - Sep 17, 2015


Drama / Crime




Paul - Daniel SunjataMike - Aaron TveitCatherine - Vanessa FerlitoDale - Brandon Jay McLarenJoe - Manny MontanaPaige - Serinda Swan

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A drama following a group of officials from various U.S. law enforcement agencies.

A group of officials from agencies such as the FBI, DEA and ICE are brought together to take part in an undercover operation. They are all assigned to share a beach house together in Southern California as part of the job.

Comments (73)

11/25/23 at 10:01am

Good show. Especially the first couple seasons. I watched all the way through but the writing was a little off at the end. Still worth watching. Jeff Easton from White Collar is the producer.
05/27/16 at 09:39am

If USA had better writers maybe the show would do better. It started off great but went down quick. Really a shame that good tv shows are hard to find. Good thing I don't plan my life around watching tv. Bye USA channel!
05/03/16 at 06:56pm

Can't believe they canceled this show!!! Stop being the law and order svu network and keep good shows on your network
Richard J Blanco
04/24/16 at 07:09pm

No surprise,USA always get cancelled Graceland was really good show so was was Rush also cancelled by USA ! Who is in charge over ? USA excs get a clue !
Tracy W
01/28/16 at 12:50pm

Bring it back it was a great show!
01/08/16 at 09:26pm

Why do these networks keep cancelling good shows and keeping on crap reality shows! Maybe everyone should boycott the network!!!
12/09/15 at 02:00am

Why do they cancel good shows , cancel some of the junk you have on - I wont be watching this station any longer
10/21/15 at 09:20am

Loved this show. Only show I watched on this channel. Nothing worth watching on this channel now.
10/15/15 at 11:55am

I'm not surprised at the cancellation. First 2 seasons were great, but the whole storyline with Mike the 3rd season & this season was very confusing. If they would have stuck with the different storylines every week, it would 've been great!
Never understand why writers take shows in a COMPLETELY opposite direction when what they're doing is working.
Julie koz
10/02/15 at 01:49am

Loved this show,dealt with real issues,great casting.USA cancels the best shows!

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