How to Live with Your Parents

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Apr 03, 2013 - Jun 26, 2013








Polly - Sarah ChalkeElaine - Elizabeth PerkinsMax - Brad GarrettJulian - Jon Dore

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A comedy following a woman who moves into her parents' basement due to financial issues.

In "How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)", Polly is a single mother who moves back home to live in the basement of her eccentric parents after falling on hard times due to the economic downturn.

Comments (21)

06/17/15 at 10:03pm

I loved the little girl. The ensemble case was really great, but I was watching it for her! Rachel Hope Eggleston is such a bright, charming little person. I hope we see more of her.
08/07/14 at 05:47pm

The parents were hysterical. Loved the charcters. I would love a show built around them.
Elizabeth Perkins, Brad Garrett together would b great as they were in this show
03/17/14 at 03:45pm

Sad this one is gone. I would actually laugh during it, which is so rare in comedies these days. Wish it could have made it!
11/03/13 at 06:45am

This show had suck written on it from the get go.
10/21/13 at 03:22pm

Are you out of your mind this show was true gold one of the best show I have seen in a long time. You guys are crazy maybe some smart cable company will pick it up. This show needs time to get its sea legs.
09/08/13 at 11:12am

This was a really good show. It really started to mesh and it gets cancelled. Shows are not given a chance to grow. Crazy seriously crazy!!! Reality shows are so much cheaper they would rather put crap on that isn't really true reality a lot is scripted and here a good funny show is cancelled. Nuts!!!! :(
08/19/13 at 09:52pm

I may be the lone dissenter here, but I'm not at all surprised the show was cancelled. Individually, I like all the actors. I thought Brad Garrett's 'Till Death was funnier, and the main reason I started watching this show was to see Sarah Chalke since I was insanely crazy about Scrubs, but, in this show, I felt the comedy was awkward and directionless. Sorry.
Mary & Harry
07/03/13 at 10:19pm

My husband and I love this show! The actors have great chemistry. They are keeping "The Neighbors"? Are they crazy?!
07/03/13 at 07:34pm

This show was hilarious. I do not easily love comedy shows...this show was quick paced...i am so disappointed this show was canceled so soon. Have you SEEN the ridiculous reality shows?!?!?! Very upset....
06/28/13 at 11:05am

This show was awesome! The actors worked so well together, like they've been working together for a long time. Why was it cancelled so soon?? I hope it comes back somehow.

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