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Oct 02, 2013 - Oct 16, 2013




Drama / Crime




Ironside - Blair UnderwoodGary - Brent SextonVirgil - Pablo SchreiberHolly - Spencer GrammerTeddy - Neal BledsoeEd - Kenneth Choi

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A drama following a fearless cop who will do whatever it takes to solve New York's most notorious crimes.

Detective Robert Ironside is a tough cop working in the gritty world of the NYPD. Two years ago his spine was shattered by a bullet, confining him to a wheelchair - but he won't let that slow him down. Together with his team of trusted specialists, they will do whatever it takes to solve the city's most notorious crimes.

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02/15/14 at 03:23pm

Thank God it got axed. The dude in the wheel chair sucked . The support cast was pretty good
01/14/14 at 10:03am

I liked this show was shocked it got pulled so fast. Nbc only has one show i watch and that is ht Black list
12/13/13 at 11:18am

I just don't understand why they tried this in 2013, everyone wants super-action nowadays and I don't think you can do any chasing of super-bad guys down a hill IN. A. WHEELCHAIR. Lol
Patty d
11/21/13 at 11:05pm

Great show! So exciting. Was looking forward to more episodes.
11/01/13 at 02:18pm

this great edgey police drama it would have gained a following - this was really good show and deserved a chance!!!
10/27/13 at 06:36am

com'on a man on wheels was never going to be good ha ha
10/26/13 at 01:01pm

Bahahaha! Snort...chuckles...snort! You people are pathetic for liking this crap! This show is the WORST remake ever since Kojak remake about ten years ago! I am glad it's cancelled after 3 episodes!! I cannot believe Hollywood couldn't make an original show these days instead of making crappy remakes! And I wonder why I don't have a job!!
10/22/13 at 07:00am

NBC you are on a roll. Pass shows like this up for dumb game shows and crap CBS, FX,ABC, and FOX are my new stations. Lets all pray for Dracula later this month. Blair Underwood is so talented. He will find a new home.
10/21/13 at 02:57pm

I can understand why they cancelled IRONSIDE, they must make room for more Reality Show CRAP. Oh well the mindless drones watching Reality CRAP will be happy. Perhaps they should do a Reality show about the idiots sitting on the sofa with drool on their shirts and a blank look on their faces watching Reality Crap.
They could call it "America's Next IDIOT"
the Canadian version would be called "Canadia's Next IDIOT ... EH"
10/20/13 at 01:39pm

I too agree w/ you Carol..I really liked Monday Mornings...wasn't thrilled this got canned after only a few episodes. It was different, that's what I liked about it. I REALLY liked Southland....too bad that got canned too.

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