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Dec 04, 2013 - Feb 26, 2014


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Madison - Kirstie AlleyThelma - Rhea PerlmanFrank - Michael RichardsArlo - Eric Petersen

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A comedy following a mother who reconnects with the son she gave up for adoption years ago.

After years of drinking and sleeping her way up and down Broadway, Tony-winning diva Madison Banks is surprised when she is confronted with the son she gave up for adoption 26 years ago.

While she may have played countless roles on stage, Madison knows next to nothing about being a mother. But with the encouragement of her friends, Madison invites her son to move into her Park Avenue condo to see if she might have a chance at being a motherly figure in his life.

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Carla OBrien
06/26/14 at 05:20pm

Show is kinda lame. I do like Michael & Rhea. Kirsty and her ways..not so much - she is not even funny. But thats my opinion.
I also cannot believe they cancelled "Happily Divorced"... that was a great show. It was nice to see Fran D. on TV again. Great characters - all of them.
They always cancel the good shows. Sniff.
06/25/14 at 10:28am

I love the show. It is very funny. True it is a bit too rehearsed, but give the show a second year and the gang will really loosen up. Please bring this show back...please!!
06/24/14 at 00:10am

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06/06/14 at 07:05am

That show Kirstie needs to be cancelled....A alcoholic racist....and 2 has-beens from 80's NOT make for a funny new show. Send this wanna-be comedy packing.
06/01/14 at 02:08pm

I like Michael Richard on this show they should renew kirstie. I am still suprised that they cancelled Happily Divorced!
Sandra Hunter
05/24/14 at 11:54pm

I love Kirstie. Some shows had me laughing out loud. I certainly hope it returns. It is superior to idiot shows Like Two and a Half Men and How I Met your Mother.
05/21/14 at 07:42am

I like her but DO think the show isn't very good. I don't really "care" about the characters the way you should. "Happily Divorced" with Fran was SO much funnier and better written. Why they cancelled that I'll never understand.
05/19/14 at 11:04am

Love this show!! Hopes it come back for another season
Martin Shelton
05/13/14 at 05:44am

I think this is an extremely well produced and written show, it is what it is...a comedy that revolves around off beat characters. With its beautiful set and guest stars, it beat most of the shows on network tv by is very funny!
05/12/14 at 09:49am

A great cast but a horrible show. Poorly written and simply stupid. One of the worst ever.

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