Red Widow

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Mar 03, 2013 - May 05, 2013








Marta - Radha MitchellNicholae - Goran VisnjicJames - Clifton Collins Jr.Andrei - Rade Å erbedžijaLuther - Luke GossKatrina - Jaime Ray NewmanIrwin - Wil TravalMike - Lee TergesenGabriel - Sterling BeaumonBoris - Jakob SalvatiNatalie - Erin MoriartyDina - Suleka Mathew

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A drama following a housewife whose husband was murdered due to his involvement in organized crime.

Marta was married to a member of the Russian mob but for years has distanced herself from her family's illegal activities. After the murder of her husband, she is forced to put her life on the line in order to pay back his debts to a dangerous crime boss.

Comments (161)

12/06/13 at 09:08am

ABC, please bring back Red Widow. This was a huge mistake. One of my all time favorite shows. So dissappointing... Sad face
12/06/13 at 09:06am

Bring back Red Widow... PLEEAAAZZZZZ!!!! I absolutely loved this show and it is such a shame it got cancelled. What can we as fans do, to show our support and try to get it up and running again????
12/05/13 at 08:07am

Cant believe, Red Widow is cancelled!
1st- 666 park ave, cancelled. Which was an awesome thriller, I just swore Gavin was the devil.

Then - Zero hour, cancelled. also a great show, and very original.
Seems like every show that takes that Sunday,10 pm time slot , is doomed.
Very frustrated! !
11/27/13 at 03:24pm

ABC you must be out of your mind to cancel Red Widow! One of the better shows you had to offer! I am wondering who is making these decisions at ABC. We can be happy that Scandal is still on. Get rid of these idiotic boring and cheap casting of the Goldbergs and not to forget that socking Modern Family crap. Insulting if not discussing these casting combination a dumb Latino woman, two dumb gay guys of course one must be fat and queer stero types and the brainless husband. This show is to puke!
11/25/13 at 05:40am

I can't believe it was cancelled it was different and exciting and definitely worth watching!!!
11/03/13 at 03:32am

No wonder CBS is kicking your ass. ABC has a great show, then cancels it. Pathetic.
09/29/13 at 07:20pm

Finally not a girly girly show and then they cancel it. *heartbroken*
09/29/13 at 05:33pm

Great show I can't believe it was cancelled
Mini patel
09/19/13 at 06:51pm

Best show on abc after revenge the executives at abc have lost their minds . Please bring the show back to improve your ratings.
Maw maw
09/09/13 at 09:35am

I am very upset you took off Red Widow I really liked that show and to add inselt to injury you didn't even let us see how it ended shame on you.

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