Red Widow

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Mar 03, 2013 - May 05, 2013








Marta - Radha MitchellNicholae - Goran VisnjicJames - Clifton Collins Jr.Andrei - Rade Å erbedžijaLuther - Luke GossKatrina - Jaime Ray NewmanIrwin - Wil TravalMike - Lee TergesenGabriel - Sterling BeaumonBoris - Jakob SalvatiNatalie - Erin MoriartyDina - Suleka Mathew

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A drama following a housewife whose husband was murdered due to his involvement in organized crime.

Marta was married to a member of the Russian mob but for years has distanced herself from her family's illegal activities. After the murder of her husband, she is forced to put her life on the line in order to pay back his debts to a dangerous crime boss.

Comments (161)

Mike F
12/27/22 at 10:37pm

No fun when a good show gets going, then they pull the plug.
11/01/15 at 11:59pm

It's a shame the serie got cancelled. I did watch the dutch serie that was 4 seisons and it was great. It maybe different then people are used to in the US but it's realistic. Maybe give it a try. I dont know if it has subtitles but everything is possible.
Really hope someone is gonna pick up the US serie do. Im defenetly gonna watch it.
Gr Mike
06/14/14 at 07:45pm

really enjoyed the show. enongh on the sitcoms.
Rebecca Jordan
05/29/14 at 09:16pm

I am so pissed that this show was canceled I love it hopefully a smarter station will pick it up because I know people loved it. It was always what we would talk about the best day at work what's stupid move abc I do not like a lot of your shows but this one I loved
Colleen Fulton
04/08/14 at 08:03pm

Please bring Red Widow back on. I so miss it. Everyone does. You got us all interested in it then you just took it off. So not fair to ur viewer. It was such a great show and theres a lack of really good shows out there. Sure theres some on but they are stupid shows. Just my opinion amoung many other.
04/06/14 at 12:17pm

Hope this show comes back!! Loved it and don't know why you would cancel it!
02/22/14 at 03:29am

Will the second season of Red Widow come back on? Maybe netflix. Hoping so.
Dr Acula, Board Certified Hematologist
01/21/14 at 08:37am

Zehr gut.
01/15/14 at 06:37pm

tiff farkas
01/06/14 at 06:52pm

What in the hell were you thinking. How can u cancel my show. Red widow was a great show. Is there any other network to pick it up. I would gladly switch networks to watch it

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