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May 23, 2013 - Jun 13, 2013








Beth - Anne HecheTom - Michael LandesCarly - Alexandra BreckenridgeJenna - Heather BurnsEmily - Madison DavenportMaggie - Joy Osmanski

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A comedy following a woman who becomes a direct pipeline to God after a near-death experience.

Beth is an absentee wife and mother who, after choking on a sandwich and nearly dying, is miraculously revived and claims she can now talk to God. Her husband is skeptical, while her daughter is horrified.

With this new ability, Beth strives to make amends with the friends and neighbors she alienated over the years. And despite their initial hesitancy, Beth starts to win people over with her new positive outlook and unbridled love.

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Tabitha Goodman
07/16/13 at 02:29pm

Love this show! Don't let it disappear. We need this show on TV. It's witty, funny & makes a few people squirm in their seat. Anne Heche is excellent! Save, Save Me. "Ah, nuts", don't cancel this.
07/11/13 at 12:20pm

with all the bs that is on you would think a show with a positive message would be welcomed. Then again considering the network and what they promote and stand for....I am not surprised...just dissapointed
06/28/13 at 04:13pm

I loved the show. P'd off NBC cancelled yet another show that I enjoyed very much. As soon as I got into partners they cancelled it. Come on NBC get it together give the shows a chance.
06/22/13 at 10:49pm

Nobody at NBC really cares about my opinion. This was an EXCELLENT show, but the very first episode almost made me dismiss it as crap. I am very glad I did not. It got better as the episodes went along. Please give it another chance NBC! Thanks!
06/22/13 at 11:23am

NBC officially cancelled the show after airing 7 episodes, leaving 6 episodes un-aired. IMHO, the only one who seemed to 'pull it off', out of the whole cast, was Anne Heche. Visit NBC's website for more info. I hope they broadcast the rest of the episodes later this summer!
06/21/13 at 06:19pm

It is good TV viewing. Hope it doesn't get cancelled.
06/20/13 at 04:48pm

Why is it not on tonight?!!!
dogy dave@10 downig st
06/18/13 at 05:31am

seems to have stopped at ep 7 Is it cancelled
Diane Lobaugh
06/15/13 at 08:00pm

Love this program -- most positive sitcom to come out in many years!
Hope it isn't cancelled
donald curtis boyd
06/13/13 at 03:13pm

Love the show, so it means it wont last!!

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