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May 23, 2013 - Jun 13, 2013








Beth - Anne HecheTom - Michael LandesCarly - Alexandra BreckenridgeJenna - Heather BurnsEmily - Madison DavenportMaggie - Joy Osmanski

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A comedy following a woman who becomes a direct pipeline to God after a near-death experience.

Beth is an absentee wife and mother who, after choking on a sandwich and nearly dying, is miraculously revived and claims she can now talk to God. Her husband is skeptical, while her daughter is horrified.

With this new ability, Beth strives to make amends with the friends and neighbors she alienated over the years. And despite their initial hesitancy, Beth starts to win people over with her new positive outlook and unbridled love.

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05/02/15 at 08:04pm

The heads of the TV network that aired,then cancelled
SAVE ME, are nitwits for pulling a GREAT show. They keep the garbage reality shows or cooking programs or game shows or talk shows & ALWAYS take away the ones we LOVED, that had a point to them. If they just went by the stupid Nielsen ratings,they missed an entire country of folks that would have told them otherwise. Hey,give US a place to rate a show!!!!!!!!
03/30/14 at 06:56am

Please bring back this show it is so WELL written. I'm a retired Christian so for my age I have seen a lot of TV come and go. A Lot of trash stay. I didn't become a Christian until my 20's and so much of this is SO true and so FUNNY because it's life. PLEASE BRING it back.
Liz Edwards
09/11/13 at 05:22pm

Loved this show. Everyone I recommended it
to loved it as well. It wasn't publicized enough to get a following.
I'm seriously sad it was canceled. Great show.
michell holland
08/24/13 at 07:11pm

Excellent show. Finally a show you can actually enjoy. The world needs some faith and comedy instead of all the constant gloom & doom. Leave shows on long enough to get a following. The shows go off before they hardly get started.
08/12/13 at 12:26pm

Disappointed its not on. It was well balanced and fun. Much better than I anticipated.
08/10/13 at 10:22am

I just loved this showed and laughed hysterically. They have enough crappy reality shows. We need a good comedy and this was it. All of my family and friends also love the show. I want it back!!
08/04/13 at 10:37am

I loved the show and was so excited to have it to look forward to each Thursday and then poof-it was gone! so disappointed.
08/03/13 at 11:37am

This is a great show, Please don't cancel this show!!
08/01/13 at 03:28pm

Loved this program - I keep looking for it each week. I am hoping it will not be cancelled.
07/25/13 at 09:43am

Yes, this show has been cancelled. Last episode aired 6/13/13

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