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Jul 10, 2013 - Oct 01, 2014








Sonya - Diane KrugerMarco - Demián BichirCharlotte - Annabeth GishSteven - Thomas M. WrightHank - Ted Levine

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A crime drama following detectives in two countries in search of a serial killer.

The Bridge of the Americas acts as a border crossing between El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua. Two police detectives - one from Mexico, one from America – join the same cause investigating a serial killer who has been active in both countries along the Texas–Juárez border. Their investigation is impeded by obstacles such as corruption, indifference by the Mexican authorities, and borderland drug cartels.

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11/17/14 at 07:29am

I really can't believe they are not picking up The Bridge for season three. I loved all the plots and subplots. It reminded me of watching "The Shield" from back in the day where every episode had you guessing what is going on.
This was really some great programming. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Fausto or really get a better understanding of the whole CIA connection. FX you have a great show. Please keep it going. As one posted said, they have like three variations of NCIS. Please give us back our show with real writing and a real plot!
11/14/14 at 01:13pm

WHY? you had a real great show with "The Bridge" It is/was realistic! Please BRING IT BACK! Way to many shows that are great are being cancelled for you to start new shows that are down right stupid! I record my shows b/c I HATE commercial! PLEASE BRING BACK "THE BRIDGE"
11/03/14 at 09:50am

Can't believe it! NCIS is expanded to 3 formats and this uber quality show is gone! Shame on FX.
10/29/14 at 04:50pm

It is originally a Danish idea, two very popular series - never watched. UK did a channel tunnel Anglo/French version - which I enjoyed. Now sold on to everyone else - presumably they all decided once was brilliant but two was pushing your luck.
10/25/14 at 12:36pm

Another great show that requires thought to enjoy bites the dust. My wife likes stuff like the Voice which held my interest for almost one season now it is very dull. They don't even try to hide the fact that the voting is rigged. Had to set through part of the Voice and right after this singer won his competition they announced that some store was going to carry clothes from his wardrobe. Guess it is hard to make a buck off a show like "The Bridge" selling themed items.
This is why I have Netflix and watch reruns of old shows.
10/23/14 at 01:15pm

Nnnooooo I love this show. The story did kind of go to a dead end though they should have widened the content to more cases or something I loved these characters and it was just cool and different. Gutted.
10/23/14 at 11:41am

FX did it again!!!!!!!!!!! First, ''Tyrant'', now ''The Bridge''. More time wasted watching series that get cancelled............ Unbelievable!!!!
Gives me one good reason to kick FX out of my TV package - and out of my life - FOREVER.
10/22/14 at 04:06pm

What in the hell is wrong with you !.!?
09/24/14 at 06:38pm

Best show on TV and it just gets better with every episode! - Please renew for Season 3!
05/10/14 at 06:46pm

@John......not sure what show you're talking about but it isn't The Bridge I'm watching. I dont see anything on The Bridge that even remotely resembles an "any other forced cop" show.
As for how season 2 is going to go, Marco & Sonya will be working another case together.....duh. What that will be remains to be seen, but you can be sure I'll be there to watch it. This is one of the best scripted, best produced, and best acted shows on TV. After the first 10 mins I was hooked....

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