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Jul 10, 2013 - Oct 01, 2014








Sonya - Diane KrugerMarco - Demián BichirCharlotte - Annabeth GishSteven - Thomas M. WrightHank - Ted Levine

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A crime drama following detectives in two countries in search of a serial killer.

The Bridge of the Americas acts as a border crossing between El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua. Two police detectives - one from Mexico, one from America – join the same cause investigating a serial killer who has been active in both countries along the Texas–Juárez border. Their investigation is impeded by obstacles such as corruption, indifference by the Mexican authorities, and borderland drug cartels.

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01/11/14 at 12:25pm

Great show but because it's so complex and strange at time I'm afraid it might not make season 2 ...hope I am wrong. BTW What is wrong with Marco fooling around with a wife like that..................
10/02/13 at 09:52pm

To John who posted above..."forced buddy-cop" show? I think it evolved into their working relationship. Nothing forced there. Perhaps the content or storyline is hard for you to follow? I find it an intelligent, brutally honest show. No holds barred, and isn't that a bit like it really is in Mexico? I find the show refreshing and raw. No candy coating here. Of course, they'll find a way to take it off the air and keep lame shows like Honey Boo Boo and Dance Moms or whatever other "reality" shows get ratings these days. Seems like the shows for morons with an IQ of a squash are the ones that survive. I'm moving to the UK. lol
10/02/13 at 11:03am

Confusing at times; but I like the show. I'm waiting to se where it goes. I still think that they did not catch the real killer. Maybe that's where they plan to bring it in together.
09/24/13 at 11:27am

Cheryl, I like it too, but how could they do a season 2? It looks like things will be wrapped up very tidily. Sonya will continue being crazy and Marco will go back to Mexico. I'm sure they could team them up if they wanted to, but then it would seem like any other forced buddy-cop show. Like King and Maxwell, Perception, Elementary, etc. I think they should just end the story well and leave it at that.
09/18/13 at 11:26pm

Love the show the characters hoping it doesn't get cancelled.
G Shanks
09/12/13 at 12:11pm

Wonderful show! Love the characters. Must see TV

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