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Jan 21, 2013 - May 18, 2015




Drama / Horror




Ryan - Kevin BaconJoe - James PurefoyClaire - Natalie ZeaDebra - Annie ParisseMike - Shawn AshmoreSarah - Maggie Grace

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A drama following an FBI agent tracking a network of serial killers.

Joe Carroll is a former college professor who became infamous for teaching the works of Edgar Allan Poe and killing young women in his honor. Now behind bars, Carroll spends his time in the prison library building a social network of copycats who worship him and do his bidding.

FBI agent Ryan Hardy was the man who first brought Joe Carroll to justice, and is now called upon again to consult on the ongoing case.

Comments (81)

06/14/15 at 07:54pm

This is one of the best shows on TV! Really? And your keeping another doctor show? How many do we need?
05/31/15 at 03:38am

A REAL shame that FOX would cancel this show when Ryan is about to go really dark. I am thinking that Netflix should pick this show up and give it a proper conclusion.
05/28/15 at 07:03am

This is a great show. Here is my thought Fox why don't you renew the good shows for TV and cancel the cartoon shows like the Simpsons.
05/26/15 at 08:12pm

Intense show, but I like it allot.. more reality????
05/25/15 at 05:57pm

As usual the best show on TV is cancelled. Wonderful cast,fantastic writers so of course it has to be cancelled. Heaven forbid an intelligent show like this should be allowed to survive. I would love to meet some of these execs who make these decisions. It will probably be replaced by another reality show for the brainless. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!
05/22/15 at 01:25pm

hey Fox maybe you can come up with a series like the Simpson's Stalk the Following and not cancel to of the best shows. Simpson's for 25 season? Your CEO must like that low IQ program.
05/22/15 at 10:07am

Love this show. Can't believe another good show taken off.
05/22/15 at 07:05am

I agree with Eve. 2nd season was my least favorite, but I love this show and hope another network picks it up. The series finale was awesome, but so much more to tell. I'm really bummed Fox cancelled this awesome show.
05/20/15 at 00:55am

05/19/15 at 04:13pm

Ryan Hardy should have been dead a long time ago.. tired of this show.

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