The Millers

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Oct 03, 2013 - Jul 18, 2015








Nathan - Will ArnettCarol - Margo MartindaleTom - Beau BridgesRay - JB Smoove

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A comedy following a man whose divorced mother moves in with him.

Nathan Miller is a recently divorced news reporter looking forward to the single life - until his parents' marital problems derail his plans.

When Nathan tells his folks the news about his divorce, his father decides to follow suit and leave his wife of 43 years. This causes Nathan's mother to move in with him, leaving Nathan to wonder how long this arrangement will last.

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Kay Lynne Mark
11/20/14 at 06:29pm

The Millers is a great show. I wish it wasn't being canceled. It will just be replaced with another stupid show. This was about family and love. Mike and Molly can be put on any night and still be watched. Why not put the
Millers on Saturdays. Saturdays suck. I am disappointed that once again I am not in your age range therefore you don't care what I think.
11/20/14 at 03:48pm

My family loves this show. It is so funny! Sad to see it go.
11/19/14 at 09:44pm

I love the TV show The Millers. The show didn't need anymore people who needs a job. The 2nd season might break this show. Please drop Kip. This is not Will & Grace. This is not his show I don't want to watch it anymore. By adding Kip character it did something to the show. It's annoying watching the show now.
11/18/14 at 09:26am

LOVED this show!! DVR every week. So sorry to see it cancelled.
11/17/14 at 09:56am

I can't believe people would rather watch cartoon children cussing, being rude, sarcastic, spiteful, bigamists than a laugh out loud comedy that has heart and comedy as well as life lessons. Isn't there something we can do to keep this show on the air?
11/15/14 at 07:19pm

This is very disapointing!!! I thought this show was HILARIOUS!!!
07/03/14 at 07:20pm

This show was probably ripped off from a radio program called the Bickersons . The Bickersons were a couple who always bickered and their content was very funny. This show, however, is just plain mean spirited and spiteful. I couldn't watch more than 5 minutes and I gladly changed the channel.
04/25/14 at 07:27am

Ummm, sorry, I didn't vote for Obama, but I absolutely love this show. They could do without the annoying laugh track, but I love the cast and think it's a great slice of American life. Wish ABC would back The Middle the way CBS backs The Millers!
millers suck
04/22/14 at 09:35pm

The millers is ****. Stupid jokes and an even worst cast. Anyone that likes this obviously voted for osama, I mean obama.
02/25/14 at 04:11pm

Love the millers such a great comedy.

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