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Sep 16, 2013 - Mar 31, 2015






Host - Queen Latifah

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A daily talk show hosted by Queen Latifah.

The Queen Latifah Show runs weekdays in syndication and includes celebrity interviews, musical guests, and host Queen Latifah's take on pop culture happenings.

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kathleen edgar
04/16/15 at 07:17am

I am rather disappointed to hear Queen Latifah show cancelled,, totally enjoyed her show, she was so into the crowd.. and the crowd LOVED HER !! and her guests were awesome, It seems all the good ones get cancelled, and the dumb stupid without reason stay on the air.??? There is one show that is on at the same time as her show was but obviously different station. Well to watch that talk show, she is such a dumb blonde with her comments etc,, and he thinks he is the best since being host on this show, gained popularity. I am sure I am not the only one out there that would like love to see Queen Latifah,, please please station people reconsider... and then to see her have her mom and family on the show,,total awesome,, she is a people person,, well loved and liked.. Just to bad like i said all the GOOD one get cancelled.
Kathy Woods
03/13/15 at 07:14pm

I agree with Karolyne, 9/2/14, Queen comes across as a complete preoccupied phony. I enjoy her acting and her voice but not her talk show.
Sophie Brooks
02/03/15 at 12:30pm

I was disappointed to hear that Queen Latifa's show is not being renewed. I love watching her show as often as possible. I enjoy the skits and games she includes on the show involving her guests. She is a class act and treats her guests with humor and respect. This show is refreshing, unlike the other daytime talk show hosts, that just sit around and gossip about people!
jackie benzala
01/26/15 at 07:30am

I wish they would reconsider renewing of the wonderful show. I really enjoyed everything about the show.
Queen really was so informative, funny, and caring She truly respected everyone who was her guest Please put her back on TV.
Queen Latifah is a class act
01/19/15 at 11:09pm

Unfortunately Queen Latifah didn't sit around sticking her nose in other people's business for half her show. That is why she has been cancelled. Too many people don't have enough businesses of their own, or don't realize they do. They rather hear other talk show host gossip, and spend all day watching reality TV. Ask them who their Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator is and most will look like a deer in headlights. In other words, like the idiots they are.
12/19/14 at 03:01pm

Going to miss queen luv her but o no I will always see her on the big screen again soon she is awesome ❤
Karen Burrell
12/10/14 at 07:00am

Please keep Queen Latifah on because I enjoy the difference and the realness the show has to offer. I personally want to say I look forward to seeing her every morning at 9am. She makes me feel better about my physical ailment I have sciatica. But, when Queen Latifah comes on she takes my mind off my pain and makes me laugh and kick start my day in a positive way. Thank you Queen and thank God for her. AMEN
Sylvia Williams
12/03/14 at 10:53pm

When I saw that her show was not going to another season I was so disappointed. I feel this is her time to continue to spread her wings and have the opportunity to grow in her show. I'm looking forward to getting tickets to the Queen Latifa Show. Queen you will always have my support. I'm so proud of you. God Speed from a true fan.
Elaine Heathington
12/01/14 at 01:32pm

Glad ur show is still on i enjoi watching u n love entering the contest even if i dont win u should have a living room makeover contesti need one
11/30/14 at 05:42pm

They say that people who frighten others (as on Ellen's
show) are really cruel at heart. Maybe Ellen is not
as good natured as we think she is?

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