The Tomorrow People

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Oct 09, 2013 - May 05, 2014


The CW


Sci-fi / Action




Stephen - Robbie AmellJohn - Luke MitchellCara - Peyton ListRussell - Aaron YooDr. Price - Mark PellegrinoAstrid - Madeleine Mantock

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A sci-fi drama following a group of genetically advanced humans.

The Tomorrow People are humans born with paranormal abilities such as telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathic communication. Perceived as a threat to mankind, they are hunted by a paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra.

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09/01/14 at 04:15pm

Not surprised at seeing it cancelled. The Brits have tried this story line at least twice before, if you count misfits then tree times before.
Some ideas on how to make it work \:
1. Stop with the high-school teenagers as the central players, at least make them young (legal age) twenty somethings so there's at least some basis for their adult behaviors.
2. Have Cara & Astrid engaged in a steamy Lesbian affair... The TV networks love lesbians, it's their go to ratings ploy.
3. Instead of a secret government agency as the bad guys, make them evil 1 percenters (say right wingers). Hollywood hates the right.
4. The show seriously needs a computer nerd. The kind that can - hack any computer, take over hi-tech systems, and reroute satellites
5. Stop having the guys kicking the crap out of anyone. Hollywood knows that only girls, dressed in mini-skirts or bikinis. can beat people up.
08/28/14 at 01:56am

Tomorrow People and Star Crossed was just getting started and BOOM they're cancelled. What is wrong with you people? You don't even give it a chance. So a few people decide based on 3-4 episodes. Your idiots
08/20/14 at 06:13pm

OH MY GOD!!!! Who makes these decisions??? I loved the show. It had so much potential. One thing before you cancel a show... NEVER leave people at a cliff hanger.
08/18/14 at 08:21am

Great show.... I am sure this show will come back.
08/05/14 at 01:10am

Why did they cancel this show was so good with action and great story line - they should one chance and leave it on one night stop move to different days and times. How do you expect to get a following then. Bring it back
abigail jones
08/04/14 at 01:54am

its so unfair!!!! i luv da show..
Steve Ryan
07/23/14 at 03:26am

I liked this one a lot. I thought what they needed to do, was develop the romance with Hillary and make her good. She was awesome...very hot, kicked ass, and depth to her character. What did they do instead....killed her. Brilliant. Not long after, show is cancelled. Hmmm. Either way it was too bad, was a cool show.
07/22/14 at 03:56pm

07/10/14 at 03:14pm

ok, so this show should not have been cancelled, I live in the UK and this is one show my wife and I love watching - we hit the 'ideal demographic' dead centre, so why ruin a great slice of tv??? thanks for a full season, but you should have given us more! sad news indeed.
07/10/14 at 03:11pm

ok, so i should always proof-read my comments! My WIFE and I loved watching this show together! (don't remember ever watching it with my wofe...though I may have, I guess, as I have no idea what a wofe is, coulda been sitting there all along next to the tc guide...)

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