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Jan 09, 2013 - Mar 13, 2013








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A reality series following young adults living in Washington Heights, Manhattan.

In this reality series, cameras focus on young residents Washington Heights in New York. In this neighborhood, things like poverty and personal history are just some of the stumbling blocks for this diverse group as they pursue their dreams of fame and fortune.

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Brad Lafferty
09/17/14 at 11:33pm

If I want to watch this garbage I will take the 1 train to 168 th st. Junk
07/08/14 at 07:37am

This show was amazing me being a black Puerto Rican and has grown up around many New Yorkers this show relates to me because I also want to follow my dream as a guitarist and we need more shows that are positive and inspirational to the young aspiring youth. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee bring my heights back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/23/14 at 06:40pm

Omg i have been waiting for this show to come back on for what feels like forever.. Please bring it back as soon as possible.. Thank you!!
12/20/13 at 08:58pm

I'm a white girl from the suburbs fluent only in English and I loved this show. It was so wonderful to see a group of young people who genuinely care for one another, have rather healthy relationships between the sexes, and have love for their particular art. Every episode involved these people supporting one another in their various projects and overall just having good heads on their shoulders in difficult circumstances. These are intelligent, young people from a low-income urban area who embrace their hometown but are ambitious enough to want to leave it--while giving back to the people they leave behind. It was an inspiring, realistic look at the lives of a beautiful group of friends. I'm very disappointed to see that it's been cancelled.
12/05/13 at 01:37pm

Shake my head ! I don't know why MY FAVORITE show got canceled .... For whatever reason it happen , I think it was irrelevant that it go canceled .. Because it was a life learning / inspiring show to me & others .. It was based off living life .. & getting to actually say "I grew up with a struggle , nothing was handed to me" "I got mines by me" & also "my struggle is my hustle" in real life nothing comes easy , & to me I think that Washington Heights showed their fans that ! it's not fair because I feel like they didn't even get a chance to make it big .. nor gain more fans. All I'm going to say is I want my favorite show back ! F*ck the haters !
Aisha Lucas
09/29/13 at 08:42pm

Well although I'm not Hispanic <I'm blk> I liked the show and their Hispanic so what's wrong with also speaking their native language at times? It was a good show and represented hispanic young adults in everyday life working hard trying to make it. I think it wasn't given a good chance to atone and grow. I get tired of the stupid teen mom shows or the same shows with all white ppl and 1 blk person that is portrayed as the angry one. Ppl watched Jersey Shore and all they did was get drunk have sex eat and sleep.
09/09/13 at 08:36am

The world is scared of something new especially when it's something positive. That why they keep airing trashy show on tv like jersey shore and teen mom. To teach our youth how to have, how many times, or if they are not having sex they are not cool enough. Also showing our youth it is okay to bring a child into this world even though they themselves is still a child pretending they are grown. But to put a show like WH on air which tries to emphasize that we as the young people need to have goals and ambitions. Yes they party and drink but to the point they are embarrassing themselves with their ass hanging out or trying to take a girl home just to have sex. So what they speak their language (Spanish). It's in their nature and culture. If they didn't they be staying true to themselves. Even more empowering that they themselves created such a show . You're right JP you guys did make history because somewhere you sparked a flam in the heart of someone to get up and chase after their dreams no matter what life throws at you. So I give you guys two thumbs up and hope you get another season.
Like, like, like you know
09/09/13 at 00:35am

These people should learn how to speak first and for most . The show SUCKS donkey b@lls. The T-shirt kid is a slow mo, buddies from the gutter trying to seem like he has class, the rapper and singer (is some simple), come on those voices won't get you anywhere. The wanna be actor he's just a joke. OMG I forgot about the midget baseball player "like" can't play, the rest of the lame Characters I don't have time to waste on. Enough time wasted on this sad show.
09/08/13 at 11:57am

I love this show and all the cast. We need more shows like this to represent Latin people and cultures. Everyone that talks crap about this show are boosting ratings for trashy shows that showcase partying binge drinking sex ect. At least Washington heights shows there is more to life then that. They are young people struggling to achieve their dreams and goals and being more positive role modules for young people not just Latinos! Unlike "Jersey Shore" "Bad Girls Club" and a lot of other shows out there! Love you guys of Washington Heights!! Keep fighting the fight! Please bring this show back!!!!!!
08/25/13 at 06:20pm

Love the show, thier hustle, their struggle. F## the haters that talk shit about this show bring my WH back!

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