Wendell & Vinnie

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Feb 16, 2013 - Jun 13, 2013






Vinnie - Jerry TrainorWendell - Buddy HandlesonWilma - Nicole SullivanTaryn - Haley StrodeLacy - Angelique Terrazas

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A comedy following a single guy who becomes the legal guardian of his nephew.

Vinnie is loving the care-free life of owning a pop culture memorabilia store, playing video games, and eating junk food. But his world is turned upside down after his nephew's parents are suddenly killed, making Vinnie his legal guardian.

Comments (6)

01/14/14 at 10:04am

Spencer from Icarly was funniy on this show
11/20/13 at 01:40pm

honestly I believe that the show is cancelled because a lot of the raunchy jokes seems inappropriate for younger viewers even though they probably just went over the heads of a little kids because you know they're more subtle than other more raunchy shows like them Two and a Half Men. what a shame I like the show a lot
11/11/13 at 10:32am

I really liked this show! I enjoyed watching it & so did my kids, it was great for all ages & I think they should bring it back!
11/01/13 at 01:06pm

I like it, too! It's hilarious for my 9 year old nephew! That means ALL ages enjoy the show!! Please bring it back!!
10/21/13 at 07:06pm

I think the show got cancelled cause of parents who think that they should have every show banned that they dont like Wikipedia said that parents complaind cause of drinking and language etc. So nick took it off The show was better than half the crap on tv so go to change.org to sign petitons to save the show jerry trainor is Is a good actor in my book
10/19/13 at 07:37pm

Why is this show cancelled after just one season? This was a very funny family show.

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