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Oct 02, 2014 - Jan 22, 2015








Rebecca - Kate WalshTom - John DuceyTedward - Tone BellRobby - Theodore Barnes

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A comedy following an eccentric Los Angeles judge.

Rebecca Wright is one of L.A.'s toughest criminal court judges. Her reputation in the courtroom is that of a straight shooter known to hand out some creative sentences.

Away from work, she knows how to relax and let her hair down. Guys are lining up to take her out, but she's not quite ready to settle down. When she meets an eight-year-old boy whose parents she put in jail, Rebecca helps him out and finds her life changing in some new ways.

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11/16/15 at 10:18am

I Love Not Loved, but Love this show.I am 48 years old. Not one thing was offensive. But I can tell you what is and that's the "Adult Swim" you put animated pornography on a child's channel, I mean Really!!! My daughter at 2 up until she was 9 when I first accidently seen this on a child's channel and was another reason I canceled cable. My youngest son was in Kindergarden and asked me if I would turn cable on so he can have cartoon channel on, so since he always got all A's I did, never in my wildest dreams did I know that I was bringing such garbage in my babies lives,my children knew more then me about things that should never be shown or taught to any child under the age of 18, especially no toddlers or babies which were what mine were. But you have a problem with bad judge but not adult swim. Too much wrong with that.
06/16/15 at 11:48pm

I miss this show. It was a relief from all the made up, so called "reality tv". This show appealed to the older crowd for some comedy relief. This show had a non traditional judge that dealt with the issues in her own way, but allowed the punishments to fit the crime; not all the drama that the younger crowds are looking for.
frank robbs
05/31/15 at 05:58am

how are shows like galavant,mom and blue bloods still on the air when smart funny shows like bad judge and weird loners or forever or even stalker get cancelled
04/19/15 at 07:44am

This was very funny. She gave out great sentences to the bad guys. Her lifestyle was very interesting. The writers gave her some pretty funny lines. I loved her ride!! Sorry you cancelled this show. I enjoyed it.
03/17/15 at 01:39pm

this show was one of the funniest well-written comedies. Mothers and daughters could laugh together over all the situations with the Bad Judge. Loved loved loved this show and hope some other network brings it back. It is a shame that the networks cancel shows so quickly and do not give them a chance. I have considered not watching new shows just to see them get cancelled!! Bring back "Bad Judge"!!
01/24/15 at 04:24pm

When it comes to good TV programming, most Americans couldn't find their a$$holes with a funnel and a flashlight. I'll really miss Bad Judge.
01/10/15 at 11:58am

They never keep good shows on anymore. Who cares if if wasn't realistic, I enjoyed the fun aspect. They should reconsider and keep this show on the air.
Tim V
01/05/15 at 01:54pm

A very funny show. The obvious unrealistic legal actions are some of the fun. I will miss Bad Judge.
12/17/14 at 03:17pm

Should never of aired in the first place nobody will miss this
11/04/14 at 05:55pm

This show is really fun. The fact it's a little off center makes it funny. Sorry to see it cancelled, so few comedies I actually like.

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